Cersaie 2022: discover the latest in wellness, bathroom furnishings and Finish Studio finishes

We're heading back to Bologna again this year to present new innovations from Porcelanosa Group at the latest edition of Cersaie, Europe's leading ceramic tile and bathroom trade fair. We simply couldn't miss it.

Bathroom furnishings that capture the trends

Our new bathroom units offer a new take on the concept of order from a perspective of sublime aesthetics, with ample storage for your everyday products, creating a calm ambience and prioritising wellness. The result? A space designed for self-care.

Espiga Lounge, functionality and design in one

Characterised by robust yet warm lines and a timeless design, Espiga Lounge is landing at Cersaie to offer improved functionality in the bathroom through plays on symmetry and stylish geometric forms.

new-products-cersaie-2022Espiga Lounge unit

The new Espiga Lounge 120 cm unit is designed to be enjoyed in company, with a spacious double washbasin giving you the option for increased storage capacity. This new update of the range optimises functionality for your daily bathroom routine, without relinquishing the elegance of this signature piece.

new-products-cersaie-2022Espiga Lounge unit with double washbasin

Forma, the extra storage you've been dreaming of (and much more)

Forma furnishings have returned to Cersaie to revolutionise bathroom design. Forma stands out for its unique design, with central or side access and bold rounded edges. The ideal blend of aesthetics and versatility, boasting a swivel mirror with shelves to store your everyday products. 

new-products-cersaie-2022Forma unit (Almond beige finish)

And now, one of our most versatile units also comes with the option of a countertop washbasin, as well as the tall Forma tap. This new model offers more storage inside, prioritising user comfort and convenience above all else.

Both models are available in on-trend finishes: Forest green, Merlot red and Almond beige with respective taps to make the perfect match.

new-products-cersaie-2022Forma unit with Slender countertop washbasin and tall Forma tap

Wellness solutions designed for a unique sensory experience 

The purity of water is masterfully combined with technology in new shower heads that activate the senses in different ways to give the body and mind a host of benefits.

Noken Energy: a wonderfully relaxing hydrotherapy treatment 

Meanwhile, Noken Energy gives the skin soft and gentle sensations thanks to a rainfall setting that refreshes and revitalises all the senses.

new-products-cersaie-2022Noken Energy shower head

Unlike many, the multiple water outlets on these shower heads feature five tiny holes split the water into micro-droplets, resulting in an even more relaxing and quieter shower experience. Ideal for your moments of relaxation and disconnection.

Seasons shower head: immerse yourself in a sea of sensations with this spa shower 

Taking inspiration from natural phenomenon, Seasons shower heads take you to the highest heights of wellbeing, offering hydrotherapy and chromotherapy to give you the full wellness experience in the shower.

These shower heads come with a number of different settings: rain, waterfall, jet and mist sensations. The perfect solution to make your relaxing moments in the bathroom an utterly personalised experience.

new-products-cersaie-2022Seasons shower head (brushed copper finish)

Seasons shower heads will be available on our stand in Finish Studio finishes: copper, polished or brushed gold, titanium and sophisticated matt black. 

Touch&Feel shower column: safe and accurate temperature control

new-products-cersaie-2022Room scheme with Arquitect washbasins, Round taps in matt black, and the new Touch&Feel shower column

The Touch&Feel shower column comes with everything you need for a relaxing and sustainable shower, along with different settings to personalise your experience. From massage or rainfall settings, to the new waterfall effect, along with the option to combine all functions simultaneously. If you're looking for a range of sensations, this bathroom solution is the one.

new-products-cersaie-2022Touch&Feel shower column shower head

Available in chrome and matt black, they also come with the integrated Noken Safe Stop system to prevent potential burns, guaranteeing maximum user safety in the event of interruptions to the cold water supply.

Our Touch&Feel shower column benefits from Noken Thermo Trust technology. The ledge keeps the thermostatic body at an optimum temperature, making it safer and preventing accidents.

new-products-cersaie-2022Touch&Feel shower column

Finish Studio, a new skin for your bathroom

new-products-cersaie-2022Room scheme with Essence C Compact toilet, Arquitect bath (both in Arctic blue) and Lignage taps in brushed gold with Carrara handle

Unique, vibrant and resistant pieces brimming with beauty. Meet Finish Studio. Our most innovative concept returns to Cersaie with impressive new formats and finishes. 

Our Essence C Compact toilets continue to inject colour into every corner of the bathroom, offering endless combinations never thought possible.

new-products-cersaie-2022Twilight blue Essence C Compact toilet

And there are new skins for bathroom taps and accessories too, with finishes like copper, titanium and brushed gold.

Lignage taps: new finish, new styles

Lignage takes us back in time, with a new marble handle inspired by the twenties, contrasting the luxuriousness of the marble finish with the simplicity of the tap's form. An art deco piece by Ramón Esteve for Noken, underscoring the natural charm of stone and drenching spaces in timeless appeal.

new-products-cersaie-2022Lignage washbasin tap with Carrara marble handle

new-products-cersaie-2022Lignage bath taps with Carrara marble handle

The Unseen shower tray: an ode to minimalism

The Unseen shower tray combines restrained slate materials with the simplicity of concealed drainage - a truly seductive proposal for the most discerning of users. Plus, it boasts non-slip and antibacterial properties to guarantee maximum safety in the bathroom.

new-products-cersaie-2022Unseen shower tray

We'd love you to come join us at this unmissable interior design and architecture event. So, please come along and visit the fair. We'll be in Hall 26, Stands A296 B198 / A288 B293 / B182.

Coming soon... More on our latest innovations, so you can play around and create your own ideal bathroom.


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