Cersaie 2019: our latest designs, with the Premium seal and ECO awareness

Cersaie is back again this year. We are dealing with an event which is one of our not to be missed annual events which focuses on interior design and architecture, as well as being the most important in ceramics and bathrooms at European level.

Cersaie is back again this year. We are dealing with an event which is one of our not to be missed annual events which focuses on interior design and architecture, as well as being the most important in ceramics and bathrooms at European level. From September 23-27, we will showcase our latest designs together with PORCELANOSA Grupo in several spaces: the Premium stand and the PORCELANOSA Grupo’s.


The most exclusive pieces are showcased at the Premium Stand

In the area aimed at the premium Collection concept from PORCELANOSA Grupo, one can find a gallery where the most exquisite pieces in bathroom taps are showcased. As if we were dealing with gems, a combination of metallic pieces stands out in different finishes. Copper, titanium, black, inox, chrome or gold. Gloss and polished. Shower heads, shower columns, shower taps or basin taps, in four collections which are offered with their different application options and special metallic finishes. 


1. The Oxo taps collection:

The Oxo series, which belongs to the Signature Collection, is extended with the new bathroom taps in three finishes: chrome, polished titanium and black matt. A hydrodynamic design which is ECO and modern, which limits the water consumption up to 5L per minute and it is provided with the cold-opening system. 

Oxo elements Noken


2. The Lignage taps collection:

This gem designed by Ramón Esteve is a trip in time. It is Noken’s legacy for tomorrow’s design, which is offered in single lever mixer, three-piece battery and deck mounted three-piece battery; as well as in their different finishes: polished copper, gold gloss and chrome. Different versions of the same piece, which are completed with their functional original lever, which can either be smooth or textured. 

griferia Lignage Noken


3. The Round taps collection: 

Round is subtle and delicate, both in its chrome version and in the black matt and inox. It is also committed to ECO awareness. It is provided with the cold-opening system and a flow limiter of up to 5L per minute.

Round griferia taps noken


4. Square taps collection:

With pure geometric lines and a marked personality, Square is a practical but detailed tap. A set of proportions, measurements and radii which result in a tap with a special essence. The new Square bathroom tap series is presented as a complete collection in two finishes, namely: chrome and black. Its limiter reduces water consumption by up to 5L per minute.

griferia square taps noken


New skins with precious nuances. Emphasis for spaces with Premium character.

The new shower experience has a reserved premium space as well. Touch&Feel covers the new experience in the shower. Highly technological but easily designed, so that a simple touch is enough to both activate and feel Wellness experiences: with several functions to be combined at the same time, maintaining the water volume in an excellent way. Rain and cascade, or rain and jets. People choose their wellness mode and it is available in two versions: mixer and thermostatic; as well as Project Line and Smartbox, which are systems that are easy to install.




Inside the Premium stand, one can find a space aimed at the Premium kitchen, a room which has been renovated in recent years, geared towards digitalisation, therefore becoming the nerve centre in the house. Elements and equipment take on a new technical and functional dimension. We present the digital taps, like the Pure Line kitchen taps. In order to start the taps, pressing the external circular remote control is enough. Once the tap has been started, it is worth highlighting that by using the remote control, one can regulate the temperature. However, in order to have the water flow rate under control, it is only necessary to press down on the remote control for just two seconds. The Pure Line taps are provided with a LED-light ring which gives us visual information about the water temperature. It can be installed in any position, and also on any countertop surface. Versatility and comfort.



Bathroom experiences at the PORCELANOSA Grupo stand

The area reserved for the PORCELANOSA Grupo stand showcases timeless bathroom designs with a strong character, through which the latest designs and products are presented for this year. 

Firstly, we are dealing with a bathroom which banks on the trend in matt, in contrasted finishes in black and white. Secondly, in copper tones, and thirdly, in stone and polished titanium finishes.  


  • Bathroom countertops with the Oxo built-in basin

Recently, the countertop with a built-in basin  has been included in the collection, which, like the rest of the furniture in the collection, is coated with XTONE, the PORCELANOSA Grupo sintered mineral. It comes in two finishes, namely: Glem Nature and Bottega Acero. Hygienic, with easy-to-clean and anti-bacterial properties, and it is resistant to: scratches, chemicals, liquids; as well as being highly waterproof. Also, it comes with a an almost zero absorption level, making it absolutely ideal for wet and humid areas.

encimera oxo countertop lavabo integrado noken


  • Liem elements: developing an integral bathroom

Liem furniture gets relaunched in two versions: wall-hung and floor standing; the two finishes are grey matt and earth matt. A piece whose width measures 120cm is combined with a countertop made from XTONE in a Liem Grey Silk finish for the grey matt version. Also, we have the Ars Beige Nature finish for the furniture in earth matt, and a basin which comes with a thin rim from the same collection which, is available in a white gloss and white matt finish.

As well as that, natural wooden legs in American oak are included, and an oval mirror in the same finish, done through craftmanship and a selection and assembly of small pieces. 

liem arena mueble bano noken


  • ROUND Inox. Cutting edge designs for exteriors

Manufactured with AISI 316 stainless steel, Round Inox has succeeded in passing 1000 hours of saline chamber tests, resulting in being suitable not only for interiors but also exteriors.

Round Inox offers a functional design of pure lines. The series consists of single lever basin mixer, bidet, high spout, wall-mounted basin, deck-mounted shower, deck-mounted shower mixer and bathroom-shower, thermostat with 2 and 3 water outlets. As well as that, we have all the shower accessories to combine with the taps: hand shower, shower head, arm, jet, flexible, water intake, support, etc.

Environmentally friendly; we are dealing with taps with a flow rate limiter to a maximum of up to 5L per minute. 

round inox griferia taps noken 4


  • The new Essence-C bathroom structure. The minimal bathroom

Essence-C is the new organisational system for minimalist bathroom furniture. Agile and weightless, it is also practical, reduced to the bare essentials. A 120cm black metallic wall-hung structure, which combined with textured glass tiles. As well as that, there is a lateral and front tower rail, and a drawer with compartments which are added to get more storage space.



  • The new Wellness Rondo and Square showerhead 

The new built-in Wellness shower heads include two functions: rain and cascade; they are combined with chromotherapy functions, operable by means of a control. A pleasant experience where we will combine the power of water with a wide range of colours with which clients can select the ideal colour or program to enjoy a unique moment every day.

Available in two formats: 40cm round and 40cm x 40cm square; the Wellness Round and Square shower heads are two built-in models which reduce the equipment in these spaces down to the bare minimum.

rociadores wellness rondo noken


WaterForest. Our sustainable concept, on a video wall

WaterForest, our sustainable commitment, will lead the way alongside PORCELANOSA Grupo on a video wall, through which water consumption education at home will lead the way. As well as that, the video will offer real alternatives regarding bathroom equipment for the savings in water and energy resources, contributing to a water saving of up to 89% 

The series contributes to the obtainment of international certificates for sustainable buildings, like Leed and Breeam. Sustainability for the bathroom which is added to the product quality and design with the PORCELANOSA Grupo quality seal.



Download the catalogue with all the latest news and developments right here and bring yourself up to speed with everything that is going on.


You have an important event to be at where, you will see the bathroom of the future, from September 23-27 in Bolonia. Cersaie: Hall 26 || Stand A296 · B198 | A288 · B293

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