Cersaie 2017: High technology in sustainable and aesthetically superior taps

Una de las novedades para baño presentadas por Noken en la feria internacional Cersaie 2017, es la serie glass de la colección Pure Line y Round.

In our tour around the bathroom innovations presented by Noken at the international fair, Cersaie 2017, we stop by the glass series from the Pure Line and Round collection, two designs from the firm in which technology, sustainability and aesthetic are all joined together.

Pure Line Glass: water control and versatility

The Pure Line series is extended with new thermostatic taps, whose outstanding feature is its design, which incorporates a glass shelf at the top. It provides versatility and it also helps to save space by adhering an accessory piece to the taps.

Its Pure Line Glass taps achieve complete control over the water temperature, since it has a mechanism that limits it to 38ºC. With this, Noken offers safety and sustainability for the whole family at bath time and prevents heat and energy consumption from getting out of hand. For its part, the glass shelf is available in white and it stands out because of its strength since it can take up to 20 kg in weight.

Round taps: sustainability and timeless design

In addition, the new Round taps stand out because of the timeless design. The curved shapes and details make it an elegant piece and adaptable to any kind of style. Besides, this collection is respectful to the environment, following Noken’s philosophy and values, it allows for energy savings by applying the cold opening technology. Also, the water flow is limited to a maximum of 5 litres per minute, which encourages responsible consumption.

This tap series with a contemporary design and an ecological soul is available in different finishes, adapting to the technical requirements of the market and the very latest in decorative trends for the bathroom.

The new black matt finish in taps

Adapting itself to new trends in interior design, Noken extends its range of special finishes with an elegant and sumptuous black matt finish.


A shade that has versatility as the main advantage, since it can be perfectly incorporated in both industrial or contemporary style bathrooms, as well as in classic-style bathrooms. For a maximum combination and an integrated bathroom design, this black matt finish is available for both basin tap pieces and the bidet, along with bathtubs, shower pieces and accessories.

The result of these innovations for taps is a substantial increase in the options when setting the bathroom design up.

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