Cersaie 2017: bathrooms give in to the wellness experience from the XXL shower heads

Category: Products
Date: 27 sep 2017

Making the most of the excellent opportunity given by Cersaie when presenting the latest designs in interior design and architecture, Noken offers one of its most excellent pieces when showing the wellness concept: the XXL shower heads.

Maximalist designs which envelop the user with water and colour by offering them an experience which turns into a steady flow of tones and feelings, meet the user’s needs and their moods, therefore, becoming one of the most revitalizing experiences of the day. This is the world of Noken’s Wellness Showers.




The atmospheric lighting provided by both the chromotherapy and the water outlet combinations creates a harmonious atmosphere which exudes magic and comfort. In the XXL shower head range, the water outlet options may vary depending on the shower head, ranging from the full shower with which the body is completely covered with water; to the inside rain where the water jets are released towards the user’s head, neck and shoulders; and the cascade which simulates a natural waterfall.

Similarly, there are also some options such as the powerful fine central water jets which come from the middle of the shower head, as well as the tropical rain, which releases fine trickles of water in the cascade outlet. In this way, the shower becomes a real spa aimed at the providing the user with that relaxing feeling.


Inspiring chromotherapy

The XXL shower heads by Noken are provided with a chromotherapy system installed to enhance the shower to the max. This is more than a nice combination of lights and shadows as we are dealing with a totally functional experience which helps to achieve an emotional and corporal balance. On one hand, through its cold colours it provides a relaxing and calm atmosphere, whilst on the other hand, the warm colours convey such energy, which stimulate the user and revitalize them.