Cersaie 2017: The Arquitect collection. Bathrooms full of purity, simplicity and innovation

En el recorrido por las novedades presentes en la edición de la feria de Bolonia, Cersaie 2017, Noken amplía las posibilidades de la colección Arquitect con nuevo equipamiento de baño.

In our tour around the latest designs, we can find in the present edition of the Bolgna Fair, Cersaie 2017, Noken extending its range of pieces and possibilities from the Arquitect collection.

The new creations presented have been carefully worked in precise detail and show an innovative manufacturing process, which offers as a result a high-quality and durable product which ensures total customer satisfaction, which is a must in the company philosophy.

Specifically, the series presents a new basin, a piece of bathroom furniture and a freestanding bathtub, in other words, a very clear sign of quality, design and perfection.

The New Arquitect Ultra slim basin

By following these premises, the Arquitect Ultra slim basin is created, made from Noken Ceramic® high-quality ceramic, and it stands out because of its fine edges and elegant design in a floor-standing model which provides the bathroom set with sobriety and solemnity.

Arquitect and its most advanced ceramic for the bathroom surpass the traditional finish in white to offer a wide range of natural colours for the pieces. In total, the floor-standing basin is available in five tones and four different sizes.

A unique and exclusive piece with a high level of quality, whose result makes the decorative options develop in the bathroom atmosphere by integrating a type of installation which favours the elements to remain hidden and the basin to blend in with the room, therefore, enhancing the visual power in the bathroom equipment.


Arquitect bathroom furniture: R&D as the key to exclusivity

Noken also offers a piece of furniture within the Arquitect collection. It is a wall-hung piece of furniture, available in two sizes: 80 cm and 120 cm, and in two finishes: black and grey, which provides the bathroom with elegance and lightness.

The investment in R&D has made achieving a nice texture which is soft to touch possible, and furthermore, it is completely new in the market. The supporting surface has been treated with nanotechnology by providing the furniture with innovative revolutionary features, such as its anti-bacterial and anti-fingerprint technology. Furthermore, the superficial scratches caused by normal use and wear and tear are easy to repair thanks to the heat application on the damaged area. This piece is resistant to chemical products; it is easy to clean; remains stable under temperature changes; and it is damp-proof.

Thus, the Arquitect furniture stands out because of its exclusive advantages and magnificent design, while creating a new concept of furniture for the bathroom.

The front part includes a mirror in copper behind some original slats. The inside of the block is provided with several dividing spaces which favour order and correct storage. Additionally, the bottom of the furniture is covered with a laminate which is similar to leather, therefore, providing the piece with a unique touch.


The Arquitect freestanding bathtub, in Gloss and Soft finishes

Last but not least, the collection is completed with the Arquitect freestanding bathtub, which is available in two finishes: Gloss and Soft, therefore, meeting the demands of all kind of bathroom designs.

The bathtub stands out because of its rounded edges, what makes it highly practical for the user. Its aesthetics and soft lines provide comfort for everyday use, while conveying visual lightness to the room.

All the pieces can be combined with each other in order to offer a huge number of decorative possibilities. Thanks to the combinations of colours and finishes, Noken achieves the union of both pieces to become a single item, therefore, maintaining complete harmony with the bathroom and creating unique spaces.

The latest designs by Noken can be seen in the PORCELANOSA Grupo display stand in the Hall 26 Stand A296 B198 – A288 B293.

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