Cersaie 2016: Vitae or the evolution of the bathroom of the future by Zaha Hadid

Vitae de Zaha Hadid Design para Noken llega a Cersaie como obra maestra del diseño a través de una creativa premonición de lo que será el baño en unos años.

The bathroom of the future now exists

Vitae by Zaha Hadid Design for Noken arrives at Cersaie as a design masterpiece, by means of a creative foresight of just how the bathroom of the future will be in a few years. On one hand, Vitae is natural essence, dynamism, a challenge to the laws of design, on the other hand it is also practical, sustainable and environmentally friendly. An integral concept of what the most advanced bathroom equipment is expected to be at present.

The bathroom has developed into becoming a warm and comfortable place, in other words, a space where experiencing the future is possible. The bathroom experience concept is extended, and apart from its mere personal care service, it also completely covers the needs of escape, relaxation, as well as a multisensory experience.

The Vitae series, which is present at the Premium stand of PORCELANOSA Grupo at Cersaie, also meets that sensory function, through every single piece by providing both its special design and high technology. By means of the water movement as the leitmotiv, each and every Vitae item both vibrates and connects with the user, by offering its own customised bathroom experience.

- Vitae taps: seeking a sustainable world

The Vitea Bathroom taps have a strong presence in the collection, having already acted as a kind of anteroom for this outstanding design conceived by the magnificent Zaha Hadid, exclusively for Porcelanosa bathrooms. In fact, in its previous exhibition, it won the international audience over, and furthermore, it was considered as the most innovative design at iSaloni according to ArchiExpo.

Since the Vitae taps are avant-garde, innovation, dynamism and water fluid shapes in their purest state. It is a design which suggests naturalness, the very same water reviving in an organic way. No matter what it is inspired by, its design never fails to impress the audience, and furthermore, it makes the bathroom space stand out.

Likewise, Vitae bathroom taps mean sustainability, that commitment to the future with regard to the environment. The flow limiter reduces the waste by up to 5 litres per minute, thus, favouring water saving.

- Vitae bathtubs:  immersing oneself inside oneself

Getting into the Vitae bathtubs means immersing oneself in the experience of life. It is like entering into a new dimension, one of nirvana, in other words, the one of absolute relaxation within both their curves and ergonomic lines. Reviving turns out to be possible thanks to their liquid modernity, a bathtub design which suits everyone’s body shape and allows for getting the most out of the benefits of water.

- Basins: freedom inspired by nature.

The basins from the Vitae series are inspired by water at its best. Manufactured with high-quality ceramics, this basin model ensures both an easy maintenance and a unique durability.

This is the reason why all attention is drawn to its design, which is based on liquid shapes which are both moulded and modulated in order to create the most unbelievable shapes.

As nature is neither perfect nor symmetrical, Vitae is not either, hence, one can find its freedom to express authenticity and origin with high levels of exclusivity.

- Mirrors: looking ahead to future.

Looking at the mirror designed by Zaha Hadid for Vitae, means looking ahead to future. The future of a bathroom which is filled with avant-garde design, timelessness, and sinuous irregular lines.

Noken Vitae Zaha Hadid Cersaie_05

- Reduced wall hung sanitaryware: a challenge to gravity.

The future goes directly hand in hand with the challenge of the physical laws which makes everyone see the world as it is. This is the reason why Vitae challenges gravity, and it carries this out by means of the wall hung sanitaryware, which have also been manufactured with high-quality ceramics. Their space is reduced to the minimum, thus, the sanitaryware are provided with a part of the functional and practical equipment. Furthermore, this model of sanitaryware allows for the installation of concealed cisterns so that only what is deemed as being essential is shown.

With regard to their design, the Vitae sanitaryware are also provided with dynamic curvilinear shapes, as if they imitated the shape of a drop of water. One can find naturalness together with high technology in bathrooms.

- Showers: a trip in time.

The same as the bathtub, the Vitae shower column also allows for an experience of an emotional shower. It is like getting into a time machine, which takes you to the bathroom of the future, but where just the here and now is important.

Noken Vitae Zaha Hadid Cersaie_07

You can experience the essence of Vitae by yourself, by visiting the PORCELANOSA Grupo stand at the Bologna Exhibition Fair: 26 Hall Either A296 B198 or A288 B293 Stands.

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