Cersaie 2016: discover Noken Ceramic®, high-range ceramic for bathroom equipment

Los avances en selección de materias primas han llevado a Noken a incluir propuestas de baño elaboradas a partir de cerámica de alta gama en Cersaie 2016.

The latest designs by Noken for Cersaie go further than the simple bathroom design. The latest advances in both the raw materials selection and the manufacturing of the most improved equipment have taken the PORCELANOSA Grupo firm to include bathroom designs produced with high-range ceramic in its product catalogue.

Noken Ceramic® turns out to be that high-range ceramic whose features favour the achievement of an exclusive bathroom equipment with high performance, which not only ensures an easy cleaning and maintenance, but also provides the bathroom with an extra amount of both distinction and comfort.

One can find the selected raw material among those features. The internal controls for the PORCELANOSA Grupo raw materials selection let the firm work with the best materials, those which provide the sanitary ceramics with that extra in design, durability and hygiene.


That hygiene is directly related to pure white, since Noken Ceramic® turns out to be a high-performance ceramic range which is characterised by its 100% white design. The careful selected materials make white be a colour of extreme pureness.

Furthermore, with Noken Ceramic® being compact ceramics this is seen as being an advantage.  The firing of the material at 1250 degrees allows for excellent material compaction, which in turn, makes it highly resistant to impacts. Likewise, this high-range ceramic is also resistant to chemical attacks, thus, providing high resistance to any chemical product or corrosive agent the bathroom may be affected by.

The anti-scratch resistance and the fact of being a hypoallergenic material, turn out to be one of its other secret weapons, thanks to NK Protect. The chemical formula regarding Noken Ceramic® and its enamelling treatment, enabled in order to achieve a pore-free glazing which is resistant to scratching, and furthermore, it even remains unaffected when the thermal impact happens.

Apart from the durability, the quality is one of the other core ideas by Noken for Noken Ceramic. When talking about planimetry, the Noken Ceramic® formula enables the creation of designs with very demanding tolerances in respect of quality, both in planimetry and on surfaces.


With regard to practicality, Noken Ceramic® turns out to be a 100% hygienic sanitary porcelain with easy-to-clean properties. The secret that sanitary ceramics entails, is its flat surface, which avoids dirt accumulation. The Noken Ceramic® covering creates a stain-proof safety barrier against possible cracks, thus, allowing for water itself to sweep away the existing waste.

Thanks to these high-range sanitary ceramics properties, a high-quality, functional and exclusive bathroom design is created. A distinctive value for the Noken Ceramic® selection by Noken.

You can visit the high-quality bathroom designs by Noken at the PORCELANOSA Grupo stand until September 30th: 26 Hall Either A296 B198 or A288 B293 Stands.

Find out more about Noken Ceramic® by visiting its website: www.noken.com/nokenceramic

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