Cabinets with light and fixtures for dazzling bathrooms: discover the latest design news

Noken, firma de equipamiento de baños de PORCELANOSA Grupo, dispone de una amplia gama de cabinets con luz que facilitan el aseo personal.

Light is something crucial in a bathroom. And not only natural light, but also the artificial kind, which apart from being projected in the interior space in a general way, it must be present by means of specific spotlights which make the everyday use of equipment so much easier.

Noken, the bathroom equipment firm from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, offers a wide range of cabinets with lights and fixtures which make personal care easier, and furthermore, they are integrated into the space, thus, providing the room with harmony.

Cabinets with light: extra lighting related to practicality and storage capacity

Smart Cabinets is a series of bathroom furniture specifically aimed at providing the bathroom with both functionality and a higher storage capacity. Ranging from wall-hung cabinets over basins, to vertical wall-hung cabinets or vertical rotating cabinets, Noken offers a big array of cabinets, highlighting among others those with built-in light. Therefore, in addition to the suitable features regarding the Smart cabinets series –double-mirror design with aluminium parting, two height-adjustable glass shelves, an inside mirror, Blum hinge brand with Soft Close system and aluminium structure with a high-quality ‘soft line’ finish-; the specific ones regarding the built-in light models are also offered.

This built-in light furniture has a practical anti-fogging plate, which is activated by means of buttons inside the cabinet itself, as well as a ground connection, and a socket, which is able to be plugged in electrical appliances up to 500 watts.

A very practical solution joining both storage and lighting in a bathroom design, and without compromising the necessary space in compact bathrooms.

Shaving, along with putting on makeup, involve having a shadow free environment that is neither dark nor dim, along with no flashes. As well as that, one must have the possibility of being close to the mirror without feeling hot, thus, LED lights turn out to be the best choice by far. Furthermore, LED lights are on straight away once the switch is pressed, and furthermore, they are able to withstand the continuous on and off switching tremendously well. Ideally, the light coming from the fixtures should be neutral, therefore, the light should be the same or higher than 4000 k, which allows for the colours to be seen, just as they are in the daylight. The ideal light temperature in the Smart Cabinets turns out to be 6400K, so that colours can be reproduced excellently. 

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