Cabinets: customize the bathroom and boost the storage

Uniendo funcionalidad y personalización en el diseño, la firma de equipamiento de baños Noken, lanza su línea de cabinets para mobiliario de baño.

Joining functionality and customization in design, the bathroom equipment firm, Noken, launches its line of cabinets. A new series of pieces of bathroom furniture, which, given its wide range of modular elements, can be combined in many ways, thus adapting to any type of sophisticated and elegant bathroom atmospheres.


To boost the spaciousness and to encourage integration in the bathroom, a mirror has been used in the rear of the cabinet, thereby achieving a more elegant finish.

The storage capacity is another feature that puts the cabinets into the bathroom design, allowing you to store a large number of personal care products, as well as keeping the bathroom clean and tidy all the time.

This new line of cabinets is available in three different models: wall-hung cabinets over basinsvertical wall hung cabinets; and rotating vertical cabinets. Each of them with their particular characteristics, but all of them enhancing the room’s exquisiteness and its atmosphere of both serenity and relaxation.


The Smart Cabinets series is designed with our aluminium "soft line" profile. Apart from granting an elegant look, this finish gives lightness, high resistance and durability over time. The dose of functionality and comfort make up the hinges with regard to the Soft closing door system, facilitating and simplifying the opening and closing mode.

Cabinets-Noken-bathroom-furniture-Porcelanosa-baños-06             Cabinets-Noken-bathroom-furniture-Porcelanosa-baños-07

Thus, these cabinets are not only a practical solution for day to day living, boosting the storage capacity in the bathroom, but they are also positioned as an innovative decorative choice in quality, and at the same time, being at the level of each product which PORCELANOSA Grupo releases.

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