The return of the golden age: Finish Studio brushed gold taps

Gold has always been a prized decorative resource, and brushed gold is the latest version of it to come into fashion. This contemporary take on luxury may shine, but is far from flashy - it has an industrial feel, at the same time as evoking the Art Deco style of the roaring 20s.

Gold is the undisputed star of the precious metals. The most valuable precious metal of all has made a comeback on the interior design scene, but in an altogether more subtle, elegant form: brushed gold. A more contemporary style that will add an exclusive and luxurious feel to bathrooms, without being too ostentatious.

Whereas polished metals shine with abandon, brushed metal has a more sophisticated look and feel. Brushed gold is impossibly versatile in the bathroom - it can complement so many different aesthetic styles.

When gold ages and loses its shine, it suits the vintage look perfectly. Brushed or aged gold taps will give you a premium, sophisticated look, resulting in spaces with an on-trend and wholly contemporary look, yet with a nod to the past.

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Lignage series in brushed gold


Aged gold pieces are the ideal choice for a bathroom with a clean and minimal style, where the industrial look takes priority. This is a style that champions comfort, as well as the kind of timeless feel you can only get from brushed metal pieces.

The finish on fittings such as taps works well with wood or stone finish furnishings, achieving a warm effect. The result? The metallic designer look, with all the warmth and comfort of a cosy home. Achieve an elegant look by pairing the finish with darker colours; or with lighter colours for a bright and fresh feel.

Lignage taps in Finish Studio brushed gold

We are reinventing bathroom design at Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms with our special Finish Studio finishes on shower trays, baths, taps, toilets and washbasins.

In line with this trend, brushed gold will elevate an industrial style - subtly, and elegantly. This is why we have incorporated the new finish into our Lignage taps, signature pieces designed by Ramón Esteve. Lignage is a journey through time, a design legacy of Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms, and stands out for its forms and lines. It was awarded the iFDesign Award 2019, and received recognition at the Delta Selection ADI Awards 2020.

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The design is reminiscent of more classic taps, and will add a touch of sophistication to any bathroom. The curved forms of Lignage will suit all types of bathrooms, creating a timeless atmosphere that blends the classic with a completely updated aesthetic.

This on-trend tap is now available in the innovative Finish Studio aesthetic. A finish that not only gives pieces style, colour and an unmatched feel; but also improves their performance. The special metallic finishes - such as Finish Studio brushed gold - are produced using PVD (physical vapour deposition), achieving a more durable finish than others. This technique improves the technical performance of the taps, making the finish much more durable and vibrant.

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Chrome or gloss taps are waning, ushering in new trends such as brushed finishes. Combined with other bathroom accessories in the same finish and wood or stone effect furniture, brushed gold Lignage taps make an inspiring choice that will elevate the look of your bathroom.

Griferia oro cepillado 

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