[GET THE LOOK] Bathrooms in blue: natural calmness and sophistication

Geometric patterns and a wide range of soft colours in blue and black are key for sophisticated, modern-day bathroom designs. This look instantly captures the visual attraction of the mixed geometric shapes in a disruptive way.

Blue is the tone of serenity and calmness. The colour of the sea and the sky, it draws people in and relaxes them with its power to evoke the beauty of nature. Emotions which are maximised if the space where it is used is the bathroom. A haven of peace and serenity, if there is an optimal tonality to create a calm bathroom, then it is blue.

We offer a captivating bathroom design look which is bathed in a deep, dramatic and sophisticated blue, which is combined with textures in black and dark grey shade variated tones. The atmosphere is balanced with white elements throughout the room and this makes the bathroom equipment stand out.

Geometric shapes: get an instant visual interest

The geometric patterns transmit balance because of the assurance o repetition, reinforcing the serenity of this blue bathroom design. However, they are also capable of creating dynamic atmospheres when combined in a disruptive way, as in this case. As well as that, this is where rhombuses, hexagons, circular and rectangular shapes are merged, adding visual interest to the interior design.

Inspired by nature and its shapes, the geometric trend stands out in this bathroom design, which pays tribute to one of the artistic trends from the last century: geometric abstraction.

Creation in a mathematical code is reinterpreted with a modern touch.

The elements:

1. Forma Rondo worktop basin. Timeless and contemporary, its curvature and rounded edges provide lightness and uniqueness to a bathroom with a purely geometric design.

2. Lounge mirror with a lacquered wooden frame.

3. Hotels basin taps. A minimalist series, with neat and symmetrical lines.

4. The ZEN shower tray. Minimal, extra-flat, lightweight and with a hidden black plug hole. Its lightness makes transport and installation easier. It is designed with all the technical
specifications for maximum anti-slip, hygiene and hardness.

5. The Neptune Slim shower head. 15cm in diameter and a chrome finish shower head with an extra-flat and minimalist design.

6. The Hotels Shower taps. This built-in single-lever mixer with a shower rod and a hand shower has a flow rate at 3 bar of 12L per min. In our commitment to energy efficiency, these taps are a WaterForest design, since they include the AIR ECO system which mixes air with water and guarantees savings in water consumption by up to 10%, as well as energy savings and lower CO2 emission by heating a smaller volume of water. In addition, the feeling of pressure improves, and this enhances the user comfort.

7. The Acro Compact sanitaryware. A toilet with a design in small dimensions which make it ideal in compact bathrooms.

8. Hotels bathroom accessories.

9. Wall tiles and floor tiles: A daring combination in blue and black from Airslate Graphite, a thin natural stone mixed with ceramic pieces in geometric shapes: hexagonal tiles and Basalt Dark rhombuses; inspired by basalt volcanic stones and Rhombus Navy with Irregular edges which simulate natural ceramics. All from L'Antic Colonial.

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