Blue Bathroom: A refreshing touch for your space

A blue bathroom brings the gentle lapping of the water together with the chromatic palette of the skies and oceans. A delight for the senses, a refreshing touch transforming your bathing space into a sanctuary of peace and serenity.

Step into a universe of serenity and freshness with blue bathrooms, where every detail becomes a note of harmony in your personal haven.

Treat yourself to the luxury of creating a setting where blue elegantly reigns supreme, accompanying you throughout every moment of relaxation and reconnection.

Join us in this reading to discover how having a blue bathroom can transform your daily routine into a peaceful experience of wellbeing.

Integrate the colour blue into your bathroom

From delicate blue washbasins to bathtubs that beckon relaxation, toilets that enhance the ambience and accessories that evoke elegance, discover how blue becomes the main attraction of the space.

Bathtub and taps from the OXO collection with Slender washbasins

Blue washbasins

Blue washbasins are a stunning option for adding a splash of colour to your bathroom.

From deep blue recessed basins to countertop basins in softer tones, there are a whole host of options to suit your style and preferences.

Blue basins bring a fresh, contemporary look and feel, making them the centrepiece of your bathroom.

Essence-C washbasin in Arctic Blue

Blue bathtubs

Imagine sinking into a blue bathtub, immersed in tranquillity and serenity.

These are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to bring a soothing ambience into the bathroom. Whether it's a freestanding bathtub in deep blue or pastel shades, you will bask in peaceful moments in your own oasis in the colour of the sea.

Blue OXO bathtub

Blue toilets

Among the vast range of options for a blue bathroom, blue toilets are a unique and elegant choice. They are able to add a touch of style and distinction to your space.

Find out how they can become the centrepiece of the bathroom and complement the overall aesthetic of the setting.

Essence-C Arctic Blue toilet

Blue bathroom elements and accessories

Blue elements and accessories are crucial to enhance the look of your blue bathroom. You can go for blue bathroom tiles on the walls or floor giving it a retro look.

You can also choose bathrooms with blue and white tiles, a perfect option for a Mediterranean-style finish. This is a not to be missed trend in a blue and white bathroom that will take you to an endless summer.

Other alternatives include shower curtains, towels and rugs in soft blue tones, and accessories such as soap dispensers, brushes and toilet brush holders in bright blue. These details will lend a touch of colour and togetherness to the blue bathroom in which they are placed.

How do you combine a blue bathroom?

The blue bathroom is a timeless trend that never goes out of fashion. A proposal which, with the perfect travelling companions, takes us to exquisiteness.

Blue and white bathroom, the ideal combination

Joining blue and white creates an enveloping symphony of freshness in your bathroom space.

Blue evokes the serenity of the oceans, while white conveys purity and luminosity. Together, they are a timeless and elegant blend that transforms the bathroom into a haven of tranquillity.

Imagine a bathroom with blue tiles on the walls, where white slides in subtle lines or geometric patterns, creating a visual delight that captivates the senses.

The blue elements are enhanced by the contrast with the white countertops and furniture, creating a visual balance that accentuates every detail.

OXO bathtub detail in blue and white

Blue and wooden bathroom, a blend of freshness and warmth

By bringing together the serenity and freshness of blue with the warmth and elegance of wood, we can create a cosy and sophisticated atmosphere that will captivate the most demanding users.

The blue palette offers a whole spectrum of possibilities to adapt to different styles and design preferences. And white goes perfectly with any of them.

The balance between the freshness of blue and the warmth of this noble material is paramount. A wooden cabinet or storage unit with clean, simple lines will lend a touch of timeless elegance, to which white will add the perfect finishing touch.

Join the trends in blue bathrooms

Immerse yourself in a world of blue tones and let yourself be seduced by the most captivating trends: Arctic Blue and Sunset Blue.

Arctic Blue: An explosion of freshness for your bathroom

Arctic Blue is a mellow, serene shade that brings a sense of soothing calmness and freshness to your bathroom space.

This light blue tone is great for creating a peaceful ambience. You can incorporate it into tiles, walls or decorative details for a bright and welcoming bathroom.

Essence-C toilet and bidet in Arctic Blue

Sunset Blue: A vibrant touch in your bathroom

Sunset Blue is a vibrant shade that lends energy and vitality to your bathroom. This intense colour evokes the beauty of the dusk sky, bringing an air of mystery and sophistication to your bathroom.

You can use it in accessories, furniture or even on an accent wall to lend your bathroom a dramatic, eye-catching touch.