Bathrooms in black and wood: the most natural sophistication

Leverage the natural elegance of black and wood accessories and furniture, where sophistication and warmth blend in perfect harmony.

Matt black was already one of the hottest decorative trends a few years ago. Now, combining it with touches of wood yields a look for the bathroom that is charged with the authenticity and sophistication of today.

While black is the ultimate expression of elegance, the use of fine wood contributes the feeling of warmth that is so necessary to turn a bathroom into a welcoming space.

The latest trend in interior design is to mix the two colours in the same element, although opting for pieces in both materials separately, black taps, and wood-effect flooring, for example, is a very chic option.

Imagine an oasis of relaxation where wood brings its natural charm and fine texture, while black adds a touch of modernity and mystery. It is the perfect symbiosis between the classic and contemporary, between the warmth of nature and the sophistication of modernity.

Bathroom furniture in black and wood: naturally elegant

Black and wood bathroom furniture take centre stage, creating an immersive environment that beckons you to enjoy moments of personal care. The combination of black and wood turns into a dialogue between strength and warmth, between modernity and tradition.

When you choose black and wood bathroom furniture, you're opting for an expression of good taste and distinction. Every detail has been designed to create a unique visual and sensory experience. From soft finishes to cutting-edge designs, each piece invites you to immerse yourself in a world of beauty and comfort.

We invite you to discover a universe of bathroom furniture in wood and black, where elegance and warmth caress in an eternal embrace.

Essence-C, the bathroom furniture that "is bathed" in wood and black

Essence-C unit, walnut finish with black Essence-C washbasin


Our Essence-C bathroom unit offers an exquisite black look with natural walnut wood. It is an 80 or 140 cm thick suspended metal structure that features the washbasin from the collection with one or two sinks.

In addition to the structure itself, the finish of the drawer handles is in matt black, with the edges made of natural American walnut. Both the drawer and the structure offer lots of storage space, and the drawer itself is easy to pull out, with a full opening system. It benefits from a soft and silent drawer mechanism, offering total user comfort.

Essence-C unit with walnut finish and white Essence-C washbasin

Essence-C unit with walnut finish and black Essence-C washbasin


Lounge Espiga unit, design, comfort and durability all in one

Its design, with straight and sinuous shapes, lends Italian elegance and refinement to any bathroom.

The combination of natural maple wood in black with the Project Tech surface makes this bathroom vanity as comfortable as it is durable and antibacterial.

120-cm Espiga Lounge unit with dual washbasin


Square unit, pure, angled shapes for your bathroom

Furniture, mirror and taps from the Square collection


This unit allows for endless combinations, offering the opportunity to create a tailor-made bathroom.

Thanks to its different compositions, the Square collection, of which it is a part, becomes the ideal solution to customise each project according to the tastes and needs of each user.

Bathroom accessories in black and wood: details that make the difference

Sometimes, we tend to underestimate the importance of minor details. However, it is these small details that make a difference and bring exceptional value to the whole.

So if you're looking for accessories with a touch of sophistication, black and wood bathroom accessories are the perfect way to complement the look of a bathroom with this colour combination. 

In our catalogue, you can choose from a variety of options, such as brush holders, soap dispensers, towel racks, shelves and more. The matt black finish and natural wood textures create a visually appealing balance and add an unparalleled touch.

Bathrooms in black, white and wood: three-fold elegance

Essence-C unit with walnut finish and white Essence-C washbasin


When designing the colour palette for a space, it is important to limit yourself to three different shades, classified as the dominant, secondary and accent tones. This 60-30-10 rule provides a guide to achieving the perfect balance in decoration.

According to this principle, the dominant or neutral tone should be used in 60% of the palette, the secondary range in 30% for the furniture or relevant decorative elements, and the remaining 10% as the colour accent in small decorative touches. This ensures a perfect visual harmony and aesthetic balance.

If you're looking for a more contrasting and versatile style, opting for white, black and wood bathrooms is a safe bet. This trilogy lets you experiment with different decorative elements and create contemporary environments. Whether you opt for a light-wood floor, black and white tiles or bathroom accessories in these tones, this combination adds personality and sophistication to any project.

120-cm Espiga Lounge unit with dual washbasin


At Noken, we understand the importance of creating unique and customised spaces. Our wide range of black and wood bathroom furniture is designed to satisfy your style and functionality needs. Our bathroom accessories in these shades are also the perfect complement to add that touch of distinction you were looking for.


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