Black and White bathroom: the boldness of elegance

Category: Bathroom trends
Date: 06 jun 2019
  • The pairing of black and white in bathroom design provides assurance and sophistication, even though it is key to use them with balance and harmony in mind.
  • We put forward four decor ideas for bathrooms in black and white, which offer many aesthetical options and possibilities in this winning combination.

The black and white bathroom design creates an experience which is not only colourful and dramatical, but also classical and sophisticated.

“Black & white always looks modern, wathever that word means”

Karl Lagerfeld


The famous designer from Chanel really loved the elegance of this colourful contrast, a sumptuous mixture which seems to combine contrast: light against darkness; what is simple and sobriety against sophistication and refinement.


Black and white bathrooms: harmony and assurance


Colour is a factor which considerably influences interior design, with great psychological power which is not only able to modify the visual effect in the space, but also people’s moods.

The use of contrast is one of the strategies which allows each one of the elements to stand out because of the impact between opposites. If we want to get strong visual attraction, we can resort to the polarity between colours and the strength by using combinations with high contrast.

The black and white pairing in bathroom design provides assurance, even though it is key to use them with harmony and balance. The sleek strength of black is joined to the brightness of white, and whereas black takes on a more prominent role due to being the darkest element, white stands out in comparison with great intensity because of its different tone which provides spaciousness to the space.


4 Black and White Bathroom Ideas


As is the case with fashion, the use of these two antagonistic colours has led to an exclusive and overwhelming revolution in interior design. Synonymous with luxury, its black and white contrast makes it perfect for also being incorporated into bathroom design, allowing for versatile decor in relation to different styles; ranging from classic to contemporary, minimalistic, or eclectic bathrooms.


Banking on black and white

Aesthetic minimalism and functionality find harmony in this setting. 

Along with the possibility of combining black and white finishes with both the furniture and the wall tiles, the marble-like finish brings extra sophistication and timelessness. 


Round Taps, TEC Round shower column, Pure Line bathtub and Project Tech countertop


High-performance black and white bathrooms: Oxo worktops


The modularity and the possibilities of finishes regarding the Oxo bathroom worktops, done with XTONE, result in a high-performance bathrooms in black and white.

Their resistance and durability make them ideal for contract projects. Water-resistant, scratch and impact resistant, chemical-resistant and stain-resistant; these are some of the material’s benefits.


Baño en contraste negro y blanco

Oxo bathroom worktop


Black bathroom furniture and a white basin. The perfect combination


The Arquitect bathroom collection, thought up in order to offer maximum functionality, does not leave aesthetic to one side, since it offers a mixture with the colourful high contrast pieces in black and white.

We combine the flawless white basin on wall-hung bathroom furniture in black which comes with great storage capacity. The latter banks on a surface which has been done with nanotechnology which provides a soft feel and the possibility of recovering scratched surfaces through heat applications.



Arquitect: bathroom furniture and basin


Black and white in the shower. Round taps and the Tec Round shower column


Paying tribute to the sophistication and the timelessness of the black matt finish, we give in to this latest trend in bathroom equipment by putting bathroom designs forward which combine with the simplified and minimalistic contrast.

Among the black and white bathroom options, the daring use of the Round shower taps stands out, in other words, equipment which is reduced to the bare minimum, whose shapes are enhanced when installed on small-sized white wall tiles with black grout.  



Round shower taps


Another available option is to create a bathroom in white, with wall tiles that strengthen the visual spaciousness and to cover the room with elements in black, such as the shower tray, the accessories and the shower column. 


Tec Round shower Column




Round Taps, TEC Round shower column, Pure Line bathtub and Project Tech countertop


Welcome to the unique and aesthetically perfect bathroom in black and white.