Black and White bathroom: the boldness of elegance

3 ideas for decorating a black and white bathroom: designs that create an experience that is dramatic and striking, yet classic and sophisticated.

The design of a black and white bathroom creates an experience that is chromatic, dramatic and striking, yet also classic and sophisticated.

“Black & white always looks modern, wathever that word means” Karl Lagerfeld

The famous Chanel designer had a deep love of the elegance of this contrast, a sumptuous mix that seems to play with juxtaposition: light versus dark; simplicity and plainness versus sophistication and refinement.

Black and white bathrooms: harmony and safety 

Colour is a factor that has a strong impact on interior design, with a powerful psychological component capable of affecting not only the visual effect of a space, but also people's moods.

The use of contrast is one of the strategies that allows each of the elements to stand out, thanks to the clash between opposites. If we are looking for striking visual attraction, we can harness the polarity between colours and their strength by using high contrast combinations.

The combination of black and white in bathroom design is a safe bet, but the key lies in using them in harmony and balance. The stylish power of black unites with the luminosity of white, and while the former has a greater weight because it is the darker element, the white stands out from it with great intensity due to the tonal difference, enhancing the perception of space.

3 decorating ideas for a black and white bathroom 

As in fashion, the use of these two antagonistic colours has brought about a revolution bursting with exclusivity in interior design. Synonymous with luxury, black and white contrast is perfect for incorporation into bathroom design as well, allowing for versatile decorations in terms of style—from classic to contemporary, minimalist or eclectic bathrooms.

All black and white: marble as a distinctive feature 

Aesthetic minimalism and functionality find a balance in this environment.

As well as the possibility of combining black and white finishes, both in furniture and wall cladding, choosing black or white marble for your bathroom adds a touch of sophistication and timelessness.

Marble finishes bring with them the natural characteristics of this material, such as the lightness provided by white marble, which will make your bathroom look more spacious. Or, on the other hand, black marble will transform your bathroom into an elegant, distinctive and modern space.

This binary combination with such a material as classic as marble will turn the room into the most glamorous and luxurious in your home. black-white-bathroom-noken-2

Round Taps, TEC Round shower column, Pure Line bathtub and Project Tech countertop

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Furniture for the ideal black and white bathroom blanck-white-bathroom-furniture

Black bathroom furniture and white washbasin. The perfect combination  

The Lounge Espiga double-basin unit is a designer piece that is equal parts style and function. Comfortable and resistant, it is painted black, giving the bathroom even more elegance and sophistication (if that's possible). 

Characterised by the robust appearance and timelessness of its design, thanks to the good use of natural solid maple wood, it brings an exquisite touch of warmth to the bathroom.


Espiga Lounge unit in black

White bathroom furniture and black washbasin. A winning combination

The Arquitect bathroom collection, in addition to being designed to offer maximum functionality, makes no compromises when it comes to aesthetics, with a mix of high contrast chromatic pieces in black and white

We have combined the flawless matt black washbasins and the Round taps with the Arquitect wall-mounted bathroom unit in white, with great storage capacity.

The surface of this unit has been treated with nanotechnology, which provides a soft touch and the possibility to repair any surface scratches by applying heat. 

Arquitect unit in white

Black and white in the shower. Round taps and the Tec Round shower column

Paying homage to the sophistication and timelessness of the matt black finish, we are embracing this recent trend in bathroom furnishings. We propose shower designs that play with simplified contrast and minimalism.


Tec Round shower colum

One of the hottest trends at the moment is to enrich this room with black elements, such as the shower tray, accessories and shower column. We break up the monochrome of white with the bold use of the Round shower tap, a piece that is pared down to the bare minimum, with shapes that are enhanced when installed in a neutral and simple bathroom. 

Round taps and Tec Round shower column 

Small black and white bathrooms: How to enhance the sense of space

A small black and white bathroom can be fitted with compact and wall-hung units that take up as little space as possible and enhance the sense of space in the room. At Noken, we can offer these types of units in series like Marne, NK Concept, Arquitect and Pure, and you can combine them together in their matt black, anthracite or white versions. 

If you want to opt for a minimalist style that further accentuates that sense of space in a small area, metal structures for wall-hung washbasins are the ideal choice. The Square line combines these two elements in black and white to turn a small bathroom into a sophisticated space. 

One aspect that should be taken into account in small bathrooms is lighting. Choosing white as the base for the ceiling and tiles will bounce the light, creating the feeling of a large, bright space.

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Which toilet to choose for my black and white bathroom

We can also play with this colour combination in toilets, even adding a touch of colour to enrich the space in an original way.

Black bathroom accessories

Acro Compact, the smart toilet par excellence in our catalogue, offers a sublime result in its elegant matt black finish. In fact, an ode to black in toilets can bring a chic and even industrial touch to the bathroom.


Acro Compact toilet and bidet in matt black
Acro Compact toilets are also available in this delightful grey finish:  grey-bathroom

Coloured toilets

The Essence-C toilets with Finish Studio finishes, apart from offering the classic glossy white, matt black or grey, also come in pastel colours that evoke infinite spring and summer. A bold and modern option to break with the black and white bathroom pairing.


Essence-C Arctic Blue toilet

The series also offers other more neutral and discreet tones, such as beige, which marries perfectly with white, black and grey elements.


White bathroom accessories

The wall-hung toilets of the refined Lounge collection by Simone Micheli are available in matt white and matt black Finish Studio finishes.

This white bathroom accessory provides brightness, a sense of spaciousness and visual lightness, as well as distinction thanks to its Italian refinement. 

Lounge toilets in matt white

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