Matt black toilet: the all-black trend, also in toilets

Category: Bathroom trends
Date: 21 jul 2022

Matt black toilets are taking bathrooms by storm and are included in the all-black bathroom trend. Elegance and sophistication to give the bathroom a distinctive touch.

Achieving full-finish bathrooms is an increasingly popular trend. Their ability to bring visual harmony and the importance being given to bathrooms as a point of reference within the design of projects means we are incorporating the trends such as colour unification.

The ode to black in the furnishings brings a chic, and even industrial, touch to the bathroom. Beyond metallic elements, such as taps or accessories, this color also stains our sanitary ceramics. With Finish Studio we bring the color black to bathroom fixtures, sinks and toilets.

Advantages of having a black toilet in the bathroom

  • The elegance of black emphasises its individuality while harmonising with the other elements in the room.
  • Black toilets can work perfectly with different styles, such as industrial, minimal or art deco.
  • Used sparingly in toilets or other decorative elements, black streamlines bathrooms and gives them a sober look.
  • Installing a black toilet in the bathroom need not be part of a total black look: black combines very well with almost any colour, with an almost infinite range of possible combinations.

Which black toilets to choose

Essence C and Acro Compact are two of our series of black toilets, capable of creating harmonious bathrooms with a uniform aesthetic. The series are manufactured in the ultra-compact Nk Ceramic, which is fired at 1250o, ensuring it is highly resistant. A non-porous, scratch-resistant, hypoallergenic material that is easy to clean. Matt black toilets that raise performance to another level.

Essence C, a simple elegant black toilet

wc-negro-nokenEssence C matt black toilets

 The matt black toilet in the Essence C collection has a distinctive appeal thanks to the simplicity of its straight, pure lines, which create an atmosphere that is modern, sober and delicate. Matte black adds the elegance and exclusivity characteristic of this colour, which generates a unique harmony in conjunction with the other elements.

matte-black-toiletEssence C toilets for public spaces

Acro Compact, also in matt black

inodoro-negro-mate-nokenAcro Compact Toilet in black

With their practical, simple lines, the models in the Acro Compact collection, which extend forward just 49 cm, use space elegantly and efficiently, while the colour and shape of the high-tech matte black toilet contribute to a harmonious effect. A revolution in the concept of wellness with the sophistication of total black. 

Always elegant, always up-to-date: LOUNGE black toilets

matte-black-toiletWall-mounted rimless black toilet from the LOUNGE collection

Interior decorator and designer Simone Micheli is the creator of this collection, which includes the LOUNGE wall-mounted toilet, also in matt black, reflecting energy through a combination of straight and organic lines, whose use is both rational and precise. In Micheli's own words, a collection with a "maximalist aesthetic, but with the soul and subtlety of Italian refinement".

Black has always been one of the most elegant options for decoration and now, in its matt version, it has become a trend suitable for unified designs, but also for original combinations, which look especially good in light, spacious bathrooms.