The best of 2018: an innovative year regarding bathroom design and advanced services intended for professionals

Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms brings the curtain down on a year full of new products for the bathroom whose design, technology and usability make the quality of people’s lives so much better.

2018 comes to an end and it is the right moment to take stock of everything that has happened throughout this year. A world leader in bathroom design, Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms confirms its search for excellence once again, both at product level and the service offered to professionals. The best fairs such as the 25th International Exhibition and Cersaie have worked as a platform for the firm to showcase its latest designs once again. With regard to customer service, Noken works tirelessly to offer a more customised and full advice service to professionals by giving them more benefits and better guidance which will be useful for them during all the stages of the process.  

The latest designs in bathrooms by Noken: practicality and comfort for everyday life

The continuous advances in R&D by Noken strive to improve people’s everyday lives. This is the reason why the firm offers exclusive elegant bathroom pieces, and at the same time, it focuses on having usability improved. The 25th International Exhibition showcased such innovative collections such as: the Project Tech countertops with a modular and highly resistant design; or the new electronic equipment for towel rails. As an alternative to a customised bathroom design, Noken presented the Nature and Essence-C collections, and it incorporated new pieces into the following signature series: Vitae by Zaha Hadid and Tono by Foster+Partners.

Cersaie brought about the launch of the new tap collection by Ramón Esteve, namely: Lignage. A Premium design which deals with classical-renovated bathrooms. The Bologna Exhibition Fair also saw the innovative Oxo countertops manufactured with Xtone presented, and a new range of shower heads, which complete the Wellness space designed at the International Exhibition with the new equipment for whirlpool baths.




Continuous training for professionals

In 2018 Noken has intensified the training for professionals. During the year, installers, technicians and customers have come from around the world to visit the Noken showroom in Vila-Real, as well as receiving product advice in the training room. The commercial team from Noken has also travelled to different architecture and interior design studios during this year. The objective is to achieve partnership agreements which focus on the technical specialised knowledge of the products from Noken.




Greater presence in professional events: hotels and restaurants

Throughout this year, Noken has participated in several hotel and restaurant events in Spain and in other European countries as well. In hotel events such as Interihotel Barcelona or Equiphotel Paris, where Noken has reaffirmed itself as a leading firm in hotel and contract bathroom equipment, due to the high quality and exclusivity of its designs. Noken has taken advantage of these international events to make new contacts, as well as making its advanced professional service known: Noken Professional Assistance; which comes with an array of benefits.




Other 2018 highlights

The participation and collaboration in high prestige projects has been a highlight for Noken in 2018. Exclusive homes, hotels and restaurants aimed at maximum comfort and relaxation in the bathroom which, have all banked on designs by Noken.

As in previous years, new international awards have been won by Noken’s author collections, which is the case with Vitae, which won the award for the Best Bathroom Collection last April in Mosbuild, Russia.

Another 2018 highlight has been the start of the expansion work on Noken's showroom and its offices. Work that will increase the exhibition area of the firm by almost 2000m2, and furthermore, they will grant more space for the R&D and Customer Service improvement.




2019: the year of efficiency

The 26th edition of the PORCELANOSA Grupo International Exhibition will lead the beginning of a year focusing on achieving efficiency. The Water Forest sensory experience will show professionals the importance of a more efficient management of natural resources, through bathroom equipment which contributes to saving both water and energy.

Noken's struggle for sustainability is added to the firm's preoccupation of taking care with every last detail, through an exhaustive control in quality in the manufacturing process and the specific selection of raw materials.

We create the difference. We pursue PERFECTION.

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