The best basin taps III: Aesthetic adaptability and water saving

Con Noken, firma de equipamiento de baños de PORCELANOSA Grupo, podrás seleccionar la mejor grifería para el lavabo que aúna tecnología y diseños perfectos.

As we have already mentioned in previous posts, in order to select the best basin taps, it is necessary to take into account a number of aspects, both aesthetic and technical.

For instance, we now deal with factors of great importance such as the kind of tap installation; as well as others such as design, performance and technology, which help us to achieve a more comfortable and sustainable use experience. Although all these specifications now help us to define what taps we need for our basins, we must look into two more aspects: the kind of water outlet and aesthetics; so that we optimize the use of resources and select the tap range that best suits our needs, along with the style of our bathroom.

With Noken, the bathroom equipment company from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, all this is possible, since all of its taps combine advanced technology for sustainable use experiences with aesthetically perfect designs, adapted to each bathroom design.

Types of water outlets: optimizing the use of natural resources

Responsible use of natural resources such as water is one of the premises from Noken when carrying out the design of its bathroom products. By means of ergonomic taps and aiming at achieving high standards of energy efficiency and water saving, the firm manages to gain a foothold in the market as a sustainable firm, through efficient systems which, additionally, simplify the use experience.

Regarding the type of water outlet for taps, Noken has two:

  • Cascade-effect water outlet. Taps in which water comes out in a water curtain, providing a natural experience in the bathroom and emulating how water flows in nature itself. The Noken series including this water outlet type are Nora and Urban C, both with Led light versions for a unique aesthetic and highly sensitive experience.
  • Water outlet with ECO aerator. ECO technology from Noken saves water on the one hand and energy on the other. Through the process of mixing water and air, aerators or air diffusers consume much less water than other tap systems, without altering the degree of comfort. Noken has, however, several aerators, including the 2, 3.5, 5 and 7 litres per minute models. Meanwhile, the lower energy consumption achieved by taps with an aerator should be noted, when heating a lesser amount of water at the end of the day.

The aesthetical appearance of the taps: in line with the decoration of every bathroom

Our bathroom equipment aesthetics is the key as long as it is the visible face of it. Furthermore, the decorative rhythm must be complete among every single piece, in line with the same style, keeping the calmness and harmony to delight this space which is so much a part of everyday life at home.

With regard to aesthetics, Noken offers technologically advanced and quality tap designs, whose elegance and contemporaneity perfectly meet any style and decoration, and furthermore, many of them are available in a high-gloss finish, and in other unique ones such as gold, nickel or copper or rosé. It is worth highlighting three styles, with taps recommended for each of them.

  • Taps for Vintage-styled bathrooms. The retro style in the bathroom is currently one of the trendiest styles, with the inclusion of elements that recall the allure of other times, with a style of its own and strong opulence and certain luxury. However, and despite this tribute to the 20s, new vintage has undergone a renovation, as one can see through the Imagine and Chelsea collections, which show strong character and personality.
  • Taps for modern-styled bathrooms. Innovation and beauty, imagination and newness. This is offered by the most modern bathroom collections by Noken, such as Lounge and Vitae, from Zaha Hadid Design, which, through their organic shape, take us to bathroom designs of the future.
  • Taps for contemporary-styled bathrooms.  It is the style par excellence, perfectly adapting to almost any bathroom. Its premises are elegance and simplicity, with remains of minimalism and of ‘less is more’. The perfect series from Noken in order not to succumb to this style, are NK Concept, Urban and Tono, the most functional versatile collection from Foster+Partners.

By combining all these premises, you will certainly have the ideal basin taps for your bathroom at your fingertips.

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