Bathtub or shower: choose the best option for your bathroom

One of the basic decisions when creating a bathroom in the home is the choice of a bathtub or shower. In both cases, design is very important, but functionality, the space available and the needs of each person are even more so. It's not the same to equip a large bathroom as a small one, nor is a sp

If we look at all these features, bathtubs and showers both have advantages and disadvantages, which must be considered carefully before making the final decision.

Stopping time or not stopping. Choosing a bathtub or shower for the bathroom reflects two very different ways of looking at life and daily hygiene. Two ways of enjoying moments of well-being, in which water and its connection with the body are the centre of our attention. You may have time to take a relaxing bath every day, or you may prefer the speed and practicality of a shower.

Whether you prefer a bathtub or shower when it comes to renovating the bathroom, you need to remember that the best bathroom equipment is not only the most attractive, innovative and technological, but also the option that best meets your needs and suits your lifestyle. 

Bathtub or shower? Or both? Choose the rhythm you want for your bathroom.


Bathrooms with a shower: contemporary hygiene and well-being

Having a small bathroom is a key factor in choosing to install a shower. A shower takes up much less room than a bathtub and can be fitted into virtually any space.

There are showers of all sizes, colours, designs and shapes, offering quick, easy access. This is an important consideration if the home's occupants include people who are elderly or have mobility problems, making a conventional bathtub difficult for them to use. 

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Advantages of a shower

inodoro essence c compact azul atardecer, mueble y grifería forma almond (1) (1)

Essence C bathroom with shower tray

Wake yourself up every morning. Relax and reinvigorate yourself every night thanks to cutting-edge technology. There are many reasons that lead users to choose a shower for their bathroom: refreshing hygiene, total freedom of movement, or simply having a small bathroom. A shower allows freer and much more efficient use of space, and usually lower water consumption. It is important for the shower to be a reasonable size, if possible, and it must be easy to maintain and safe, with no risk of slipping.

Our #TheChangeWeChoose advice is to take a shower rather than a bath. On average, a bath uses 250 litres. A 5-minute shower can use as little as 30 litres (88% less). If you want to have an eco-friendly lifestyle, discover more tips for greener bathrooms with sustainable renovations.

grifería Lignage en cobre cepillado, mueble liem (1)

XXX shower tray

Don't think that by choosing a shower tray, you give up on well-being, that moment when contact with water allows you to disconnect. You can have a unique wellness experience in the shower thanks to our sprinklers, and enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy, chromotherapy and aromatherapy. The energy and joy that colour transmits also work in your favour.

Griferia Urban blanca, Lavabo verde cocodrilo essence c + plato de ducha Zen  (1)

Zen shower tray in Finish Studio Crocodile Green setting

The Zen shower tray has all the technical specifications for maximum safety and hygiene, but features a light minimalist design with a hidden grille. As the components are light, they can be easily transported and installed.

If you're looking for a made-to-measure shower tray, the Slate model can be cut to size for any space.

Bathrooms with a bathtub: the pleasure of connecting with your inner self

If there's one factor that determines the installation of a bathtub it's sophistication and elegance. The bathtub has a remarkable capacity for becoming the centre of attention in a bathroom, setting the tone of the décor.

Today there are highly contemporary minimalist models that can be used to create delightful, exclusive bathroom designs. Add a perfect touch of colour from the Finish Studio range and the result can be sublime:

Lavabos essence c Rosa flamingo, bañera Tono y grifería Tono cobre (1) (1)

Essence-C Flamingo Pink bathroom with Tono bathtub

Advantages of having a bathtub

Modern showers can now live alongside traditional habits thanks to the bathtub. These sculptural pieces invite you to stop time, relax and connect with your inner self.

There are those who refuse to do without them, because of the sense of well-being they create. To enjoy the perfect bathing experience, you can also include tailor-made equipment for hydromassage tubs, caring for both body and mind with hydrotherapy, chromotherapy and even music therapy.

Solutions such as our Noken Care system for bathtubs draw on the healing and regenerative properties of water: a complete wellness treatment using microbubbles of oxygen that offers an unprecedented experience. Using totally pure water, enriched with oxygen, the system effectively oxygenates, regenerates and hydrates the user's skin.


Tono bathtub with Care System


Another reason for choosing a bathtub is that it can be the best option for meeting the needs of the whole family, especially if there are children. If the home is occupied by a family with children, it is important to have a functional bathtub so that the youngest members of the household can enjoy bathtime. They can relax and get clean while they play with their favourite toys.

conjunto finish studio lounge night blue (1) (1)

 Finish Studio Lounge Night Blue bathroom with freestanding bathtub

However, a bathtub requires more space, especially in the case of freestanding models. If space is not a problem, you can opt for superb designs such as the impressive Pure Line freestanding bathtub, also available in matt white; or the Tono bathtub, designed by Foster+Partners.


Pure Line bathtub and taps

Bathrooms with bathtub and shower tray: designed for today and tomorrow

Whatever your choice, you will need to install at least one bathtub or shower in your home, to enjoy its benefits in your day-to-day life.

Trends in bathroom design lean towards combining the two in the same space, to offer a bathroom experience for all tastes. Choosing a bathroom with a bathtub and a shower is an ideal alternative for the undecided and for those who have no problems with space in the bathroom.

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