Bathrooms with views. When the exterior landscape integrates into the design

Bathrooms with a view, whether at home or in hotels, offer a unique sense of well-being and connection to nature.

The most current trends in architecture and interior design are going all in on spectacular bathrooms with external views, and they are doing so by replacing the rear exterior wall, or part of it, with watertight glass. The next step is to place the shower or tub next to it, thus making it possible to take a relaxing bath while gazing at the sunset and even enjoying the light of the stars.

At Noken, we know that integrating the outside landscape into the design of a bathroom is a powerful way to create a harmonious and relaxing setting.Our solutions are designed to transform every bathroom with a view into an oasis of serenity.

The Importance of Harmonic Integration

Whether at home or in hotels, the harmonious integration of the exterior landscape into a bathroom's design is essential to creating a truly striking experience.

The proper choice of materials, the strategic layout of the elements and maximising the views are key factors for achieving excellence.

This hotel room with views prioritises the bathtub as an essential piece next to the window. And it also features a wide range of elements to achieve a sublime result:

  • Urban C toilet
  • Brushed SS Round shower column taps
  • Arquitect bathtub
  • Brushed SS Round bathroom floor taps
  • White Zen shower tray
  • Brushed SS Tono towel rack
  • Brushed SS Tono double push-button
  • Rondo washbasin

Infinitely relaxing bathrooms

One of the solid trends in today's bathroom design is to turn the bathroom into a haven of absolute relaxation. Thus, the atmospheres are simplified, even near to extreme minimalism, and the bathroom equipment becomes more practical and functional. Technology also integrates seamlessly into the bathroom, so much so that the shower or bathtub experience is even more multi-sensory and therapeutic.

For example, in this Japandi-style bathroom, the minimalist touch is evident, as is the perfect choice of elements:

  • Acro Compact bathroom taps in matte black finish
  • White Slender washbasin
  • Matte black Tec Round shower column and taps
  • Grey Zen shower tray
  • Nk Concept toilet
  • Matte black Round towel rack
  • Matte black Eclipse double push-button

Integrating a freestanding bathtub into a practical atmosphere with a large window is a stunning alternative to living a unique experience, as well as merging a whirltub with chromotherapy shower heads, creating your own spa atmosphere, capable of enlivening your senses.

It is advisable, though, if you have space in your bathroom, to isolate the shower and bathtub space from the rest of the bathroom, so you can enjoy some privacy and intimacy.

Spacious bathrooms full of light

Another advantage of integrating a picture window into a bathroom with outside views is its great ability to let in light. The result is a bathroom environment that turns into an atmosphere full of clarity and serenity, enhancing positivity and improving one's mood.

Removing the visual barriers in the room also aids the visual spaciousness, making a compact bathroom look much larger than it really is.

The Mediterranean style is also characterised by the use of large picture windows to integrate the landscape into the room:

Slender washbasin, Architect bathtub, Lignage bathroom taps and bathtub

Bathrooms with Views in the Home: An Experience for Connecting with Nature

Home bathrooms with a view are a growing trend that allows residents to enjoy an oasis of well-being and tranquillity in their own private space.

Integrating the exterior landscape into the bathroom's design creates a great sensation of connecting with nature, offering moments of relaxation and calm in the midst of the daily hustle and bustle.

Home bathrooms with a view provide the perfect blend between the interior and exterior, creating harmony between the natural setting and the bathroom's design.

With large panoramic windows that maximise natural light, these spaces become welcoming shelters that beckon you to relax and disconnect.

The experience of slipping into a bathtub or shower while enjoying stunning views is incomparable, giving you a feeling of well-being that can only be achieved by integrating the natural landscape.

Hotel Bathrooms with Views: A Luxurious Pleasure for Guests

In the world of hotels, bathrooms with views have become a stand-out feature that raises the guest experience to an unprecedented level.

Accommodations that integrate the exterior landscape into the design of the bathroom offer guests unparalleled luxury by letting them enjoy moments of relaxation and well-being while immersed in a natural panoramic setting.

These bathrooms are synonymous with luxury and sophistication. Freestanding bathtubs strategically located opposite floor-to-ceiling windows or outdoor showers with views of the landscape are just two examples of how hotels can surprise their guests with a touch of luxury and exclusivity.

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