Bathrooms with a personal seal: five international designers and their four iconic collections

Para que sean únicos, Noken cuenta con prestigiosos arquitectos y diseñadores, quienes han concebido equipamientos de baño con personalidades muy marcadas.

Bathrooms tell their own stories through their lines, materials and details. A language based on water which Noken, the specialised firm in bathroom equipment, highlights in each of its collections.

To achieve this exceptional uniqueness, Noken has a number of prestigious architects and designers who, over the last few years, have designed bathroom equipment with strong and ground-breaking personalities. 

We go through Noken's collaboration with the five prestigious designers who have left their mark on the present and the future of bathroom concepts. 

Simone Micheli: The disagreement and elegance in LOUNGE 

"Designers play an important role in our society since their actions deal with the transformation of the world around them. They have the task of making it more comfortable, beautiful and sustainable every day, using their energy and being aware of the responsibilities that their behaviour entails". Simone Micheli. 

Micheli, an architect with both strong awareness and responsibility, designed the Lounge bathroom taps as an iconic collection. Its typical straight lines and rounded edges have already become one of the hallmarks of his designs.

Simone Micheli’s collection is a tribute to the pursuit of maximum user comfort through elegant and minimalist designs. 

Because, according to Simone Micheli, "the bathroom is fundamentally a 0 space where people must feel good and comfortable. Its function is to relieve people and help them relax after a stressful day’s work, with noise and dealing with people".

The commitment to the user has led him to become a benchmark on the international stage in wellness related architecture. For instance, last year he was awarded with the Best of Houzz Award 2016 | design, due to the popularity of his projects, selected by more than 35 million users from the Houzz community. 

Richard Rogers and Luis Vidal: practicality and avant-garde design in MOOD

"Designing implies understanding the particular language spoken by architecture in order to place each piece in harmony with its surroundings." Richard Rogers.

As a source of observation, analytical and determination,  the MOOD collection by Richard Rogers and Luis Vidal + Arquitects is created. A design studied down to the last millimetre and thought up in order to create a more humane and functional bathroom space.

The collaboration of both architects results in a new modular concept of bathroom equipment with an innovative aesthetic and a vibrant colour range which denotes the energy, commitment and creativity that features its creators.

Zaha Hadid: her futuristic and unique legacy in VITAE

“Inspiration is found everywhere. Architects find inspiration in nature: the sea, forests, the way in which see and feel water with our hands. I believe these human experiences are paramount, and we try to recreate them in our work”. Christos Passas, Zaha Hadid Architects.

Her pursuit of creating designs which inspire nature, along with connecting people with what is organic, resulted in a collection which reflects the impetuous, elegant and creative characteristics of both the architect and the studio, namely Zaha Hadid Architects. With dynamic shapes and a futuristic style, Vitae is a tribute to the origins of life, water, and it is inspired by its fluid movement, in which her design is reflected through smooth and pure lines. The most beautiful legacy that the architect left behind for Noken was related to her organic and innovative, but above all, timeless pieces, which show both the personality and the essence of the visionary, Zaha Hadid. “The main values that Zaha Hadid Design wanted to implement into this collection are elegance, fluidity, and above all, functionality”. Maha Zutay, Zaha Hadid Architects.

The Vitae series has become one of the last pieces of work by the architect, Zaha Hadid. During her long career, she has won and received some of the most prestigious awards, such as: the Mies van der Rohe award in 2003, the Premio Pritzker award in 2004 and the Praemium Imperiale award in 2009.

Norman Foster: Minimalism and simplicity in TONO Thoughtful and sustainable design by Norman Foster and his Foster+Partners Studio result in the Tono collection, a series that corresponds with the minimalist, functional and sustainable personality which its creator preserves in each and every piece of work, and in his daily life too. Tono is a bathroom collection which has been thought up like a kind of aesthetic language. A set of elements and components designed to work jointly, accepting endless combinatorial possibilities whose result is an integrated system with a functional meaning. 

Norman Foster places value on the simplicity of shapes, the honesty of materials, along with the art of production to create, like so, designs which denote simplicity but which have an incredible aesthetic and functional value for the user.

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