This is the future of the bathroom with Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms

What will our bathroom experiences be like in 20 years' time? What new functionalities and routines will we benefit from in this room? Looking at a number of studios, we predict what the bathrooms of the future will be like.

Some trends are starting to emerge, and this will be the direction our bathrooms take: maximum personalisation of the bathroom to adapt to the needs of each user; the use of high-tech devices to achieve a bathroom that supports the health and well-being of its users; the commitment to self-sufficient and environmentally-sustainable bathrooms; the desire to turn the bathroom into a personal spa where we can devote time to ourselves; and the demand for hygienic and safe bathrooms that look after our health.


ECO bathrooms: a commitment to sustainable solutions that reduce energy consumption

The steady depletion of resources will mean that a heavy focus will be placed on safeguarding these resources in the bathrooms of the future, and they could even end up having a positive environmental impact, with their heat recovery and water treatment systems.

WaterForest is our sustainable investment and commitment, with solutions that allow us to save up to 89% of water in the bathroom. The products included under this label reduce water consumption, CO2 emissions and environmental impact, and they help sustainable buildings achieve LEED and BREEAM certifications. All this with the simplest technology and social design that enables users to be responsible without requiring a great effort.

Flow limiters for taps that save up to 89% of water compared to conventional taps. ECO aerators for shower heads and hand showers that achieve an estimated saving of 70%. Cold-start systems, a mechanism that allows the mixer tap to turn on only with cold water, thereby enabling better temperature control of the water. Or ECO dual-flush cisterns, saving up to 61% of water.


High-tech solutions to bathroom fittings

Usability means designs that improve the quality of your experience when you interact with a certain element.

Noken is committed to digitalising its bathroom fittings with other innovations such as digital taps, thermostatic taps, Smart Toilets and smart mirrors. Pure innovation designed to create more personalised, revitalising bathrooms without sudden changes in temperature.




The Tono smart mirror includes Bluetooth, anti-mist and LED lighting technology


SPA at home: the bathroom as a space for ME TIME

Nowadays, the bathroom has become one of our favourite spaces in the home in which to relax and devote time to ourselves. A space where we can lock the door and take a break from our stresses and worries.

Future technology is not only heading towards creating authentic relaxation and wellness spaces, but also therapeutic spaces in which technology influences our mood, through colour, aromas, sound and virtual reality.

We have the technology for wellness showers in the home, such as Touch & Feel, a solution that allows for customisable shower compositions to suit each person, with several simultaneous water jets. It allows the design of several highly intuitive wellness functions that can be activated at the same time, such as rain and waterfall, jets, mist or hand shower, all with an excellent water flow. Easy to install and maintain with the body built in to the wall.

A customisable shower in terms of:

  • Functions: it allows multiple combinations that for the simultaneous use of rain, waterfall, mist, jets, hand shower and bathtub.
  • Models and finishes. You can personalise the visual composition of the trims, and you can choose between chrome and black matte for some models.
  • Mixer or thermostatic option. The latter for greater safety and set temperature control for the water.

You can use several shower head models.



Touch & Feel


Design gets stronger into the future

The design of the bathrooms of the future can be seen without limits. Pure and avant-garde forms that will make each part of the bathroom a true structural element. The dazzling architect Zaha Hadid already made a leap into the future with her Vitae bathroom collection. Its forms, inspired by the modularity and fluidity of water, yield a futuristic aesthetic, but with a natural origin and essence. And the bathrooms of the future will be far from cold and abstract; they will reflect naturally-inspired designs and with fittings making use of the most cutting-edge technology.


Practicality and personalisation in design are the protagonists of tomorrow

Another trend that will characterise the design of the bathrooms of the future is personalisation. Bathrooms will be modular and they will adapt to the context and personality of each home. In the TONO collection designed by Foster+Partners for Noken from Porcelanosa Group, we find a minimalist and elegant design that allows us to merge the taste and the needs of each user.

In the increasingly near future, it could be possible to adjust temperature, lighting, music, heights and even odours automatically according to the user in the room.



Tono, designed by Foster+Partners


Hygiene and health: increasingly safe solutions

Nowadays, in the context of COVID-19, we're looking at how the bathroom could evolve. Contactless fittings and highly hygienic solutions such as rimless toilets and antibacterial materials for bathrooms will play a key role in the cleanliness of the space.



Electronic taps, touchless urinal and toilet flushes or accessories with sensors are solutions that are shaping the future of safer bathrooms today. In the photo, Tono taps with sensor. 


We're leaning towards aseptic homes and antibacterial materials, as a commitment to health and safety. Good product design improves people's lives and is our perfect ally in this challenge.



Oxo countertop with built-in washbasin, covered with XTONE, the sintered ceramic material from Porcelanosa Group that facilitates cleaning and hygiene


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