Grey bathrooms: exquisitely timeless

Did you know that grey bathrooms have never stopped trending? This elegant and versatile colour palette always makes a fine choice in interior design.

A grey bathroom is a safe choice. One of the main advantages of this tone in bathroom décor is its timeless appeal. This is a tone that never goes out of style.

Grey is also elegant, restrained and versatile, perfect for bathroom styles that champion calm and serene colour palettes rather than garishness. And if you want to feel peaceful in your own haven of self-care and wellness, this is what you need.

Another great thing about grey bathrooms is that you get the best of black and white, in more of a middle ground hue. On the one hand, the colour gives your space the sophisticated look of black. On the other, you get the flexibility of white, and the ease of adapting your project to any style.

If you go for a grey bathroom, you can get a look that's equal parts cutting-edge and functional simplicity. The resulting scheme will give your fixtures and fittings the prominence they deserve, at both a practical and design level.

Grey bathroom furnishings: Architect and Liem, for a subtle dose of modernity

The ideal unit for modern spaces, in grey hues: Liem, part of a collection offering a new take on vintage style. A serene choice for a harmonious, bright and natural grey bathroom with a romantic feel. Personality and expressiveness - without the noise.

Boasting soft and polished forms, this lightweight structure is available in two widths: 120 cm, or a compact 80 cm version. Both come in either a wall-mounted format or with legs.

grey-bathroomsLiem unit in walnut grey

Other grey bathroom units include Arquitect, which is also available in black, and comes in two sizes: 80 and 120 cm. This wall-mounted unit is as subtle as it is practical. It may look simple at first sight, but it boasts a large internal drawer offering generous storage and organisational capacity.  The countertop washbasin from the same collection is the perfect complement to the unit: Arquitect is the perfect finishing touch to the white/grey look, ideal for urban bathrooms. Another standout feature of this grey bathroom unit is the soft feel, not to mention its repairable credentials, thanks to its nanotech coating.

banos-grisesGrey Architect compact unit

Chrome and copper: finishes made to embellish grey bathrooms

Thinking beyond grey, chrome is the perfect partner for grey or grey and white bathrooms. Forma washbasin taps in chrome, with handles in merlot, forest and almond - ideal for adding a splash of colour to your bathroom. for example, is ideal for completing the set.

grey-bathroomsForma unit with Slender countertop washbasin and tall Forma tap in chrome

Lignage taps offer a classic look with an updated aesthetic: the perfect accent for a grey bathroom. Distinction and exquisiteness shine through the finishes; gloss gold, brushed gold, chrome and brushed copper.

grey-bathroomsExtra-low profile shower tray with Lignage taps in chrome

Decorating your grey bathroom: pieces to complete your space

White, black and grey make a fabulous colour scheme. For example, you could combine elements such as the Arquitect washbasin with Round taps in matt black:

grey-bathrooms White Arquitect washbasin with Round Negro Mate taps

If you want to play it safe, go for white in your grey bathroom - an infallible choice. For example, you could opt for a Lounge matt white toilet for contrast.

grey-bathroomsLounge matt white toilet

If, on the other hand, you don't want contrast and would prefer a more monochrome look, opt for everything in grey, especially the pieces you want to highlight in the bathroom, such as a freestanding bath. Having said that, a touch of white will always work well, softening the aesthetic.

grey-bathroomsLounge bath

Planning to decorate your bathroom? Neither white nor black. Grey is the answer.

If you want more ideas for your project, keep an eye on our blog where you'll find endless inspiration.

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