Classicism and avant-garde in a bathroom design in a house in Finestrat

Manolo Cortés and Trinidad Batet from the Arquibacor studio have overseen this project in Finestrat in which the sea and the mountain go hand in hand with this house through an avant-garde architectural style which finds its inspiration in classical materials.

Pure volumes, classic and modern materials in combination, and a palette of light colours inspired by nature. These are key to creating this house in Finestrat (Alicante, Spain), designed by the Arquibacor studio. A combination of contrasts in harmony for a building which is a kind of meeting point between the Mediterranean Sea and the Puig Campana mountain.


It is in the interior rooms where beige and white play the leading role with structures based on natural stone, all of this in refined lines which show a uniform aesthetic. An example of this are the bathrooms in which classical materials such as marble are combined with avant-garde finishes like metallic in special colours.  

In the main bathroom in the house, black marble leads the way and this has been opted for, in combination with the metallic wall tile in bronze and the taps and the freestanding bathtub from the Tono series, designed by the Foster+Partners studio. We are dealing with geometry which joins the metal in order to create a mirror-like effect which makes the space bigger.



The Tone basin taps in the grooved version



The Freestanding bathtub and the Ledge taps from the Tono series


Bathroom-chalet-Finestrat-Noken-6 In the shower, we have the Pure Line hand shower, the Square recessed taps and the Square recessed shower head. In the sanitaryware, we have the bidet and toilet from the Essence C series.


In the other bathrooms in this single-family project, chromatic neutrality leads the way. Marble in white is combined with metallic wall tiles in silver or geometric mosaics, also in a marble finish.  

It is in them where one can find high-performance materials in the bathroom equipment, namely: the Lounge signature taps. They have been designed by Simone Micheli, in the recessed version and in a chrome finish; also the Hotels shower head, the Forma wall hung toilets, the Forma bathroom accessories and the Smart Cabinet mirrors.



The Forma basin taps, the Forma toilet and the Forma flush button in a chrome finish. In the shower, we have the Forma shower head with the rain and cascade functions, the Forma recessed shower taps and the Pure Line hand shower. Accessories from the Forma series (robe hooks, soap dish and slide).




The Forma basin taps. The Forma recessed shower taps. The Smart Cabinet mirrors with double doors with interior lighting and the anti-fog system.



The Forma basin taps. Accessories from the Forma series (soap dish and slide). The Forma recessed shower taps and the Pure Line hand shower.



The Basin taps, the toilet with a concealed cistern and the flush button in a chrome finish and accessories (robe hooks, soap dish and slide) , all of which are from the Forma series. In the shower, we have the shower head with the rain and cascade functions, and the recessed shower taps, both of them are also from the Forma collection, with the Pure Line hand shower.



The guest bathroom. The Lounge recessed taps in a chrome finish and the Forma wall hung toilet with a concealed cistern.



Kitchen Tap Osmosis


Architecture: Arquibacor

Interior Design: Andrey Malygin

Building company: Infinobras

Further information about the project in PORCELANOSA Trendbook

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