Bathrooms by Noken at ‘the best hotel in the world for architecture and design’

Noken, firma de diseño de baños, ha visto como uno de sus proyectos, el Hotel Chablé, ha sido premiado como ‘Mejor hotel del mundo’ en Prix Versailles 2017.

Noken is a prestigious brand of exclusivity and elegance in bathroom design. So much so that one of its projects, the Chablé Hotel, has recently been considered as 'the best hotel in the world' according to the renowned Prix Versailles 2017. This award, given each year to the best architecture and interior design of hotels, restaurants and boutiques around the world and its implementation project, is issued by the Paris Association of Architects in collaboration with UNESCO, which offers its emblematic Paris office for holding the event.


Chablé, recoge el Premio como Mejor Hotel del Mundo


Specifically, the Chablé hotel has really impressed one and all, because of both its interior design and exterior design. This project in Merida, created by the Mexicans, Jorge Borja and Paulina Moran, is right in the centre of the Yucatan Peninsula, and it shows itself off as a unique space of special architecture, without forgetting about the magical enclave in which it is located. Apart from lush forests and rich vegetation, the Chablé Hotel is set in a cenote, a charming natural spot consisting of fresh underground water which is typical in this region.

If you want to know more about the Hotel Chablé project,  here you will find all the information.

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