Bathrooms and bedrooms. Rooms blend into the same atmosphere

The open concept in interior spaces is typical in the living room, dining room and kitchen. It is becoming increasingly common to find spaces where the three atmospheres are united. Nevertheless, nowadays this trend is also being adopted to the bathroom and bedroom areas, thus, creating spacious united rooms, and providing a physical visual continuation without compromising privacy.

It is essential to reach a uniform practical connection between the two rooms. One of the options turns out to be the fact of integrating the bedroom as a whole, by joining it to the dressing room area and the personal hygiene area, thus, setting up a combination of rooms in perfect harmony without barriers between the atmospheres. The blend into both spaces is fluently carried out, only interrupted by a sliding door dividing the set.

In this design, both the bedroom and bathroom are joined together in an area of comfort, which is bright and spacious. The bathroom area is located at the highest part of the room. A very pleasant natural light comes through the large terrace windows, which results in continuous contact with the outside, therefore, the sense of spaciousness is increased.

In the quest for a personal refuge

At home, the bathroom has become both a relaxation and comfort oriented space, being positioned far from the classical functional concept of a place aimed at hygiene. Each bathroom is like a small 0 spa. Hence, its design has become one of the fundamental pillars of decoration and interior design.

The main aim is to create a cosy atmosphere which invites the user to spend a long time in there in order to be able to leave everyday stress behind. At Noken, the bathroom equipment firm of the PORCELANOSA Grupo, the harmony between calmness, tranquillity and luxury is the key principle that makes the bathroom turn into a place of retreat.

For this purpose, the firm has designed the NK Concept bathroom collection, a series of sanitaryware, taps and storage systems with aesthetically pleasant shapes, which provides a feeling of lightness.

Division of the functional areas and those of comfort and well-being

In order to make the bathroom provide that feeling of tranquillity, it is essential to create some distance between the functional areas and the ones of well-being. Furthermore, and with the aim of achieving a quality design, it is necessary to connect with the customer’s sensitivity. NK Concept is a new series with an attractive design which enhances any interior in the bathroom.

When the bathroom is structured in different areas and in order to create the impression that the room is more open, the solution is to make use of medium height walls, basin furniture and stools, so that the space is structured and the user can move freely.  In addition to this, by installing the bathtub independently besides the terrace, the user can enjoy the sea views and feel the sense of floating in the water. Both the lighting and natural plants complete an original design whose goal is to create a spacious integrated space.

On the other hand, a perfect bathroom design needs a sanitaryware area that ensures privacy, but at the same time, connected with luxury.

A personal hygiene space provides the necessary practicality for the everyday use of the bathroom. If in addition to this, the area is completed with two simple basins, then comfort is increased, together with a touch of sophistication.

Let simplicity and style define your bathroom, all done by NK Concept, so just enjoy the experience.

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