Bathroom colour trends for 2021

Colour has a huge psychological impact on the spaces we inhabit, and choosing the right tones is key to achieving your desired effect. We delve into the colours that'll be setting interior trends in 2021

2021 arrived bursting with colour trends. We all know colours make an impact on a psychological level, and the colour palette we choose for each part of our home can have a real influence on us.

We take a look at the colour trends for 2021 according to Jotun. In particular, we'll focus on what the colour palettes can contribute to the various bathroom styles, all in the context the pandemic has created - making us see the value of calm and positivity in our lives.

EARTHLY SHADES: the slow bathroom

Taking inspiration from a range of colours such as the pinks of desert sand, and the burnt orange of Mexico, the Earthly Shades palette evokes all the colours of the earth.

Responding to the various colour schemes found in different countries and cultures, the slow bathroom this palette suits bring nature and culture to mind. It represents the essential components of human life.

The chosen tones echo the colours of aromatic spices from all corners of the world. And they are the ideal choice for those who want to create a relaxing and inspiring bathroom. 





NOSTALGIC PASTELS: nostalgia as a source of inspiration for contemporary bathrooms

Pastel colours reign supreme in the contemporary bathroom. The soft pastels, yellows and browns the Nostalgic Pastels palette offers are refined and seductive.

A bathroom with these pastel shades is a bathroom with its eye on design, heritage and the history of art. It is without doubt the ideal choice for those looking for a vintage yet contemporary look for their bathroom. 




SOFT NEUTRALS: the minimalist bathroom

Minimalism doesn't always have to be synonymous with coldness or emptiness. The warm hues chosen by Jotun for the Soft Neutrals palette will bring you clarity and peace in a world full of noise.

Perfect for creating monochrome spaces or to mix and match, these tones eliminate the superfluous and focus solely on what is necessary and simple.

A bathroom in these shades may not be the most daring option. But there is no doubt that the feeling of comfort, clarity, softness and subtlety they create will give you the perfect ambience in this extra special part of your home.  


NORDIC BLUES: open up your mind to calm, with the sky and the sea

The sky and the sea are the two natural elements that make us feel most calm and tranquil. This is exactly what Jotun had in mind when they created the Nordic Blues palette.

In a world full of distractions, the botanical hues and greys will fill your bathroom with simplicity and peace. If you are looking to create a space that is your own personal sanctuary - where you can reflect and rest - this palette has everything you need.  



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