Bathroom Rituals: a bathroom for every experience with customised equipment

Noken, firma de equipamiento de baños de PORCELANOSA Grupo, consigue, mediante su equipamiento de baño avanzado, adaptarse a cada ritual de baño

Bathroom experiences are different every time, in every place and in every culture. And not only this, as it changes with every person, in search of this perfect bathroom equipment that does not disappoint in completely satisfying those daily necessities. Therefore, looking around in pursuit of the essence of a bathroom is discovering that there is not a specific way to interact with water, and furthermore, there is not a unique and definitive bathroom either.

Presently, expect contemporary bathrooms to provide them with a warm atmosphere of both comfort and relaxation. We look for the most experiential character in the bathroom, which relaxes us and takes us away from those daily tasks. However, each person has their own bathroom ritual, a customised and ideal moment, which is only achieved through the choice of the best bathroom equipment.

The bathroom is that space where users find their own space and seek to feel good about themselves through water. It is an atmosphere where one can have relaxing moments and find their deepest selves. The firm from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, Noken, achieves in, through its advanced bathroom equipment, adapting itself to each bathroom ritual. Combining design, quality and sustainability in the design of each one of its pieces, from taps  to  sanitaryware, basins, bathtubs or accessories; Noken enables that each person has their perfect, unique, innovative and sustainable bathroom within reach. Thanks to its continuous search for excellence in relation to the manufacturing process, joins design, quality, technology together, without forgetting about looking after sustainability and the reduction in the environmental footprint. The result: high-level cutting edge collections and integral equipment, personalised for each and every culture, as well as every city and every home.

Noken adapts itself to every home, to each condition, situation and experience, and it does so by allowing for the bathroom design to be customised and adapted to the latest trends in interior design. Its product catalogue provides ideal and suitable pieces for any type of decorative style and bathroom space, capable at the same time of complementing high technology and new techniques in hydrotherapy to revitalise mind, body and soul.

Noken is already looking at the bathroom of the future, and does so by defining the room of the future. A technological, modern and excellently arranged and designed, customised room covering all our needs.  With Noken, the bathroom becomes the centre of attention at home, turning itself into such an important space to live those special moments.

Noken - Bathroom Rituals from Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms on Vimeo.

Room Experience: A space of experiences

The purest experiential concept in bathrooms by Noken was able to be seen at first hand at the XXIV Porcelanosa Grupo International Exhibition in Architecture and Interior Design. Noken put at the disposition of both professionals and visitors its “Room Experience” technology, which is a multisensory room through which we get to know different bathroom rituals from around the world. Without a doubt, a unique, special, original and different experience, which paves the way for those who see the bathroom of today, and above all, the bathroom of tomorrow.

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