Bathroom renovation ideas: inspiration for a new space

Según el último estudio de Houzz sobre la renovación del hogar, las reformas han aumentado en un 50% en 2021, siendo el baño la estancia prioritaria de la casa. Personalización, sostenibilidad y diseño son las claves que determinarán las ideas de reformas de baños este año.

Bathroom renovation ideas: towards a new concept

Traditionally, the bathroom has been seen as a necessary and useful room, but, for about a year and a half, it has taken on a "higher dimension": It is conceived as a space to be lived in, that provides well-being and comfort, with a greater ecological awareness that allows us to save and live together in harmony with the environment.

But if there is something that conditions bathroom renovation ideas this 2022 it is complete customization: What are you like? What are your routines like? What do you use the bathroom for? In this way, design must be linked to usability, adapted to the needs of people, placing them at the centre of its concept.

Functional and modern bathrooms: an all-rounder room

Practicality, that is core to achieving a functional space for everyday life. As an idea for renovating the bathroom with this objective, we were inspired by the trend of warm minimalism, where simplicity is welcoming and comforting, fleeing from coldness.

The bathroom is therefore a place to gather yourself, a serene space, but at the same time practical and authentic, reducing interior design to the essential for greater comfort.

Renovation ideas for functional bathrooms

  • Tono washbasin, by Foster+Partner: a refined aesthetic, organic and rounded shapes and a simplicity in the design that adds up, without stridency. As a detail, the digitalization of the bathroom experience is found through the mirror, which incorporates an anti-fog function, as well as sensor-controlled LED lighting, for maximum comfort.

bathroom-renovation-ideasOn the other hand, the new taps are completely electronic, promoting touchless use through their sensor: technological practicality.

  • Warm minimalism is also characterized by having a raw point, finding charm in the authenticity of the materials. In this environment of the shower space where the taps from the Lignage collection, with curved shapes, shine as the protagonist with their brushed copper finish among the bareness of the industrial-inspired walls.


  • Finally, in this bid for the natural look, incorporating wood is also an idea for bathroom renovation. And there is nothing like contact with nature to regain the feeling of well-being and relaxation, while creating a more functional space.bathroom-renovation-ideas

The Round taps in matt black provide contrast in their pairing with the wood, giving rise to a room with unmistakable serene and sober Scandinavian vibes.

Bathrooms with a bathtub: your wellness space

Time for yourself, the leitmotif of ikigai, a Japanese concept that means "the reason for living" or "the reason for being" and which inspired us as an idea for renovating the bathroom.

For calmly pampering and taking care of yourself, bathrooms with a bathtub are the ideal option, turning the room into your own spa.

Renovation ideas for bathrooms with a bathtub

  • The Pure Line collection exudes symmetry, geometry and purity. The perfect balance between highlighting and harmonizing to find a healing space in the bathroom, to enjoy time in it in the purest ikigai style.

bathroom-renovation-ideasThe Pure Line Wood bathroom cabinet stands out, offering the perfect fusion of design and the essence of wood in a piece full of nuances and details that enrich any bathroom environment. And of course, the free-standing bathtub, with rounded edges and purity in its lines

  • Following the oriental influence, this environment transmits sensations only through the shapes, colours and arrangement of the elements, in pure Feng Shui bathroom style

bathroom-renovation-ideasA separate washbasin area with Tono taps in a titanium finish and a Slender washbasin with a Finish Studio finish. For the shower area, Round titanium taps and a Tono bathtub (also in Finish Studio); The room is completed with a Marquina Stone shower tray.

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