What bathroom plants to use and why

In an increasingly urban and technological world, connecting with nature becomes essential to maintaining balance in our lives. It allows nature to flourish in every corner, creating an oasis of serenity and freshness in your bathroom.

Have you thought about adding plants to bathrooms and giving your daily routine a natural touch? The trend towards biophilic bathrooms, which seek to integrate natural elements into interior design, is gaining ground in the search for a healthier and more harmonious environment.

Adding plants to your sanctuary not only provides a deeper connection with nature, but also provides tangible benefits for your own well-being.

5 good reasons for decorating with bathroom plants

Beyond aesthetics, plants offer benefits that help us lead a healthier life.

With this in mind, you will discover how these green guardians can improve your well-being and create a healthier environment in your home.

They improve our mood

The presence of plants becomes a mood-transforming element. The sight of fresh, lush greenery during the daily routine brings a positive boost, creating an atmosphere that elevates joy and vitality.

The philosophy of feng shui, intrinsically linked to the harmonisation of energies, finds in the presence of plants a powerful ally to improve mood, as they help the flow of positive energy.

→ Discover plants for a feng shui bathroom here.

They help reduce stress

Amidst the demands of everyday life, the bathroom becomes a haven of serenity when you add a touch of greenery with plants.

Connecting with nature reduces cortisol levels, offering an oasis of tranquillity where stress melts away.

They cleanse the environment and regulate moisture

Bathroom plants, especially those that absorb moisture, are allies against problems related to damp environments, such as mould and mildew.

The purifying function of certain plants helps to reduce allergies and provides benefits against bacteria and/or viruses.

They provide natural fragrances

Adding aromatic plants not only gives the room a natural scent, but also stimulates the senses.

Soft fragrances from plants such as lavender or jasmine transform the bathroom into a personal spa, enhancing the relaxation experience

They contribute to natural decoration

Finally, decoration with plants in the bathroom not only adds visual beauty, but also creates a natural and relaxing environment.

Each leaf and stem becomes a sculptural element that transforms the bathroom into a space of connection with the environment.

The best plants for bathrooms

Now that you know the benefits they can bring, here is a selection of plants so that you can choose the ideal one for your bathroom.

It should be noted that the best bathroom plants are tropical, for example, those from Southeast Asia, South Africa or Central America. This is because they usually originate in hot and humid environments, making them perfect for thriving in this space.

Pothus, plants for a bathroom without light

These plants are hardy and can thrive in low light and humid conditions, making them ideal companions for low-light bathrooms.

Their air-purifying properties and attractive foliage also make them a good choice for adding a fresh, decorative touch to your space.

Place them in indirect light and water them when the soil is dry. Avoid overwatering so that they can thrive.

Tillandsia, bathroom plants that absorb moisture

Tillandsia are perfect indoor plants for your bathroom. They are little gems that are very easy to look after. They require bright but indirect light.

They are also bathroom plants that absorb moisture, contributing to maintaining a more pleasant environment.

Ivy and ferns, freshness and natural elegance for your garden

The choice of ivy and ferns not only adds a touch of freshness, but also adds a dose of natural elegance.

These plants, known for their adaptability and hardiness, are classic alternatives that are perfectly suited to low-light conditions.  In the case of ivy, indirect light is necessary... and the fern is an ideal plant for a bathroom with no light.

Both options are low maintenance and can handle wet conditions, making them perfect additions to create an oasis of relaxation and escape.

Spider plants, green ribbons for decorating your bathroom

These are hardy hanging plants that require little care. They grow in wet environments and are good plants to put in a low-light bathroom, as they can tolerate shade and semi-shade well.

In addition, their versatility makes them excellent for decoration.

Place them on a shelf so that their long, glossy leaves can fall and add great beauty to the atmosphere.

It is advisable to spray them, especially in summer, but without overwatering.

Philodendrons, natural elegance for a bathroom without light

Elegant and adaptable. Philodendrons are an ideal option for bathrooms with little light. They do not need a lot of care and their ability to purify the air provides an additional benefit, ensuring a clean and healthy environment.

Water them moderately and enjoy their elegance and purifying properties.

In short, bringing life to the bathroom with a touch of green is a perfect way to create a balanced atmosphere. Elevate your daily routine with the presence of nature in every corner of your bathroom.

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