It’s back to the 70s with the bathrooms in Miriam Alía’s new house

This project is probably Miriam's most personal yet. In it, the creator studies every need and personalises it down to the final detail. Check it out.

This project is probably Miriam's most personal yet. Created especially for her and her family, in it the creator studies every need and personalises it down to the smallest detail, even in the design of her bathrooms. 

In bathrooms, which are traditionally highly private settings, Miriam finds "canvases" in which to experiment and create the unrepeatable. Spaces where we can take care of our bodies and feel closer to ourselves.

Finish Studio by Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms was the perfect partner to design the three bathrooms. Products that fill rooms with personality and colour with special finishes such as gold, copper, titanium and matt black. 

Its carefully selected elements and finishes act as key elements in the creator's self-expression. With them, Miriam Alía expands her creativity; she plays with light, textures and vibrant colours, working every little detail to have them, as a whole, create a fresh and unique atmosphere.

#my70sHome: the same theme for 3 bathrooms inspired by the 70s

As Miriam herself said in her Instagram account, "I knew I wanted the three bathrooms from the 70s to have different aesthetics but share a single theme".Beyond the retro essence, the bathrooms, like the whole house, were designed in a search for colour and light by using wall lamps, skylights, and LED lights in the showers and mirrors. 

The all-pink bathroom

The vitality of the powdery rose and the brightness of the white bathroom fixtures.

Miriam says she was unable to resist installing a Rockola mirror with neon lights, which provides that special touch, on a floor with baked clay tiles and pink enamel.

To combine it, she used the collection of Urban taps in matt white in both the sink and shower. The shower tray is the Slate model in white, and the toilet is the Acro Compact, also in matt white.

baños-miriam-aliaPhotography: Manolo Yllera

The children's bathroom: the perfect combination

White, oak and black.

The boys' bathroom conveys a more restrained and masculine feel. This bathroom combines the natural tones of maple wood on the furniture, with the matt black finish in the Round taps by Noken, toilet pushbuttons and accessories. It's all surrounded by the off-white ceramic tiles. In it, she uses different formats to create an original composition in the shower tiles.

The Round taps are one of Noken's most versatile elements. And just like in her daughter's bathroom, this one has the Acro Compact toilet in matt white and the Slate shower tray, perfect for kids' bathrooms thanks to its resistance and non-slip properties.

baños-miriam-aliaPhotography: Manolo Yllera

The main bathroom is integrated into the bedroom

This most personal of bathrooms features glossy gold on terrazzo, marble and bamboo.

To make it brighter and more spacious, Miriam has chosen to integrate the bathroom into the bedroom by doing away with any architectural barriers.

In the sink area, integrated into the dressing area, the combination of materials is a declaration of intent. The metal in Noken's Lignage gold taps and terrazzo, so typical of the 70s, are combined with fine materials, such as marble and natural fibres, like the organically shaped bamboo in the mirror. The essence of each is rekindled in the contrast.

baños-miriam-aliaFotografía: Manolo Yllera

An orange glass partition, one of the standout elements in the room, sets apart the private area, which contains an Acro Compact toilet in matt white, and the shower, outfitted with the extra-flat, light, sustainable Zen plate from Noken's Eco-light series, with a hidden drain. An area designed with high doses of minimalism and warmth.

baños-miriam-aliaPhotography: Manolo Yllera

In Miriam Alía's new home, textures, materials, curved shapes and colours intertwine to produce a sublime result. She has created a harmonious space where rooms connect to one another, like people and their everyday flow in the space. 

A house full of colour that reflects her daring mind, open to change and dynamic. It is, in short, the result of her creative training and career.

baños-miriam-aliaPhotography: Manolo Yllera

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