Attic bathrooms: how to decorate them and plan your layout

Los baños en buhardillas se han convertido en una tendencia muy extendida para aprovechar al máximo un espacio de la casa tan particular. ¡Descúbrelo!

Attic bathrooms have become a widespread trend: they make the most of every inch of space in this utterly unique part of the home. Join us and discover all their secrets.

Lofts are truly unique spaces, and no room use suits them perfectly. Asymmetrical ceilings pose serious challenges when installing certain furnishings, and make it hard to convert the attic into a functional space.

Nevertheless, attic bathrooms are becoming more and more popular, due to the great potential they have for layout and decor, and the warmth they provide.

If your house has an attic and you'd like to turn it into a bathroom, we'll look at some ideas in this article for how to plan your layout and decorate an attic bathroom that functions well without giving up any of the charm of the space.

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Layout ideas for an attic bathroom

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When you think about attic spaces, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a dramatically sloping ceiling. This is one of your main challenges when it comes to decorating and furnishing this part of the home. 

Designing a space with a sloping ceiling isn't always easy, especially if you want to make maximum use of the space. 

But if you think carefully about the following points you can install an attic bathroom and enjoy a fully functional and stylish space. 

  • Think about the space available, and about how you'll be able to install your connections and water supply in the attic, as well as drainage. 
  • If you decide it's possible to install a bathroom, you need to work out what pipes you need and where the various supply connections are located. 
  • Creating niches for storage in the lower part of the ceiling will maximise the efficiency of the space. 
  • You could work out whether the floor is strong enough for you to install a free-standing bathtub, but a better choice for an attic bathroom could be to install a shower tray and make the most of the highest part of the ceiling.
  • If you have a skylight, you could position the shower or bath just below it, creating a space for a revitalising bathing experience that connects you to the outside world.  
  • Check what type of water heater you'll need for your requirements. 
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How to choose the perfect bathroom suite for your attic bathroom

When you're fitting out an attic bathroom, there are some special features you need to take into account. Given the limited space available, and the nature of the space you do have, here are some recommendations:

  • When installing a shower, locate it in the zone where the ceiling is at its highest. A shower is a better choice to lighten the load on the floor. The weight of a filled bath could be more than it can take.  
  • Choose mixer taps as they're more compact, making them the perfect option for a smaller bathroom. 
  • If possible, go for built-in installation systems. For example, the cistern, shower, etc. 
  • Wall-mounted and compact toilets are the most suitable option for this type of bathroom. Among our range of toilets, some options are the Acro Compact series, with a length of 49 cm, and Essence C Compact with a depth of 51 cm.
  • Opting for compact wall-mounted bathroom units, such as the 42 cm Marne unit, could be the ideal choice to bring together all the elements in a small space.

How to choose a shower enclosure for your attic bathroom 

If you're installing a shower in your attic bathroom you have various options when it comes to shower enclosures. 

You could choose a screen, as this will visually enlarge your space, with transparent glass which avoids introducing a division into the bathroom. 

Another option to seriously consider is creating an enclosure with panels or walls, either at full or medium height. Enclosures like these will make your shower space feel more intimate, and you can do it with translucent materials that will allow light to pass through.

Aesthetic ideas for small attic bathrooms

We'll now look at some decor tips that are perfect for small attic bathrooms, all of which will add storage solutions and functionality to this incredibly important space in your home.

  • Niches, placed inside the shower space or at the lowest part of the ceiling are perfect for making the most of the space you have.
  • Using concealed storage solutions will mean you can keep all your bathroom essentials hidden from view. 
  • Customised furniture is the perfect choice for a small bathroom, and can be just right for an attic bathroom. 
  • Installing a skylight in the sloping roof will add plenty of light to the space. You could position your bath or shower underneath. 
  • Building a seat where the ceiling is lowest, in the shower, can be both aesthetically pleasing and practical. 
  • Fitting tiles with your choice of motif will add dynamism and a touch of personality to your bathroom. 

An attic bathroom has a lot to offer in terms of aesthetics. There are boundless advantages - installing a bathroom in a loft can give the space a cosy and welcoming atmosphere; as well as making the most of every bit of space.

Attic bathroom decor

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In the creative challenge presented by a loft, attic bathrooms are a veritable canvas of possibilities. The unique combination of architectural elements and the need to optimise space invite us to explore comprehensive solutions that transform these special places into a true oasis of style and functionality.

The style will depend on you and your personal taste. Wood, white (also for the roof) and darker accents tend to be the most popular choices for attic bathrooms.

On our journey through attic bathroom decor, we will explore how to blend design, elegance and practicality:

Attic bathroom designs

Designing an attic bathroom means embracing the uniqueness of the space. Indeed, sloped ceilings can be transformed into a charming feature. 

Opting for light tones and soft colour schemes helps to visually expand the space, while elements in wood or with textures add warmth. 

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The selection of tiles and accessories is also very important, as it contributes to creating a harmonious ambience, where lighting plays a fundamental role. As we have mentioned, the incorporation of windows or skylights maximises the entry of natural light, which is essential in these spaces.

Types of attic bathrooms

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Every attic bathroom tells its own story.So, let's take a look at different types of attic bathrooms, each with their own special charm, to inspire you in the creation of your most personal project.

Attic bathroom with low ceilings

Creativity is paramount when it comes to attic bathrooms with low ceilings. Compact and built-in furniture takes advantage of the limited space. Strategically placed mirrors and targeted lighting help to counteract the feeling of claustrophobia, creating a welcoming and functional room.

Attic bathroom with high ceilings

Attics with high ceilings provide the opportunity to experiment with verticality.

Tall furniture, large mirrors and the incorporation of decorative elements on a larger scale emphasise the spaciousness of the room.

Pendant lighting adds a touch of elegance to these expansive bathrooms.

Small attic bathrooms

Creativity flourishes in small attic bathrooms.

Light tones, metro tiles and the choice of minimalist accessories contribute to a greater sense of spaciousness.

Clever furniture arrangement and the choice of multifunctional pieces optimise every square inch.

Rustic attic bathrooms

The fusion of bathrooms with industrial elements and bathrooms in rustic styles results in rustic attic bathrooms full of charm.

Tiles with natural textures, aged-finish wood and metal taps contribute to a welcoming and authentic aesthetic.

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