Matt black finish: the on-trend colour for taps and accessories

Taps, accessories and bathroom accessories in matt black, collections featuring the latest bathroom and colour trends.

In this article you can find inspiration about the matte black finish applied to ...

  1. Bathroom taps
  2. Showers
  3. Noken Ceramic Colors
  4. Shower trays
  5. Bathtub faucet
  6. Bathroom accessories
  7. Kitchen taps



In the bathroom, the ode to sumptuous black has become a 'must', through small elements that are the focus of attention. Bathroom and kitchen taps and matt black bathroom accessories are inspired by the current trends in colour, an aesthetic quality that exalts and perfectly links the quality and usability of the product from Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms.



Black matt bathroom taps: taking over the centre of the bathroom

Black matt 'travels' to the centre of the bathroom thanks to bathroom taps such as Oxo, Round or Square. Both combine their traditional chrome look with their renewed black matt version, which meet the expectations of every single bathroom style.

OXO bathroom taps in matt black


All these taps are available in different formats and different types of installation, including the recessed option with the Smartbox built-in body system. These matt black taps are also sustainable due to its cold opening system and its 5 litre per minute flower limiter, which saves both energy and water.

In the case of Square, also available in copper and brushed titanium, in addition to chrome and black matt; it offers a more rectilinear and urban design than the Round taps. However, like that, it also offers a wall mounted version.


Total black look: black "sneaks" into the shower

To match the basin space, you can achieve a shower space with bathroom equipment in matt black, with three different options available in this finish for shower taps. Round and Urban are once again the two options available for shower taps in this finish. Likewise, Noken has the NK shower pack or the Nk Logic and Giro jets, without forgetting about the Neptune Slime shower head for completely black shower equipment.


Touch&Feel shower column 

Create a delicate and subtle aesthetic, with the elegance of matt black, thanks to this thermostatic shower column which features the Touch&Feel system.

Touch&Feel shower column in matt black

OXO shower fittings 

The pure and simple lines, combined with the versatility of the Oxo collection, are ideal for adding a total black look to your shower with Oxo taps in matt black. This, when combined with other bathroom accessories in the same finish, offers endless possibilities.


Shower faucet Touch&Feel black + shower head Round Slim black


Finish Studio toilets in matt black

Finish Studio has been designed to create harmonious bathrooms with an integrated aesthetic. It includes washbasins and toilets with matt black finishes, in different styles and with multiple options:

Essence C Compact toilets

Modernity, sobriety and delicacy are all present in the bathroom thanks to the distinctive matt black toilet from the Essence C Compact collection, creating a sense of harmony that conveys both elegance and character.

Acro Compact toilets

The Acro Compact toilet in matt black is a perfect option to optimise your bathroom space with a projection of just 49 cm. It fuses practicality and simple lines in a style which is further enhanced by the addition of matt black.

Acro Compact toilet in matt black

Wall-mounted LOUNGE black toilet

This piece from the collection was designed by architect Simone Micheli and is characterised by straight, organic lines that convey subtlety and dynamism. The black Lounge toilet with rimless technology fuses with the matt black to create a unique atmosphere.

Finish Studio achieves a total black finish in toilets as well: The search for total bathroom design.


Shower trays in matt black

The Slate shower tray with slate finish in black is a sustainable option if you want to integrate black into your bathroom. An elegant design with antibacterial properties for maximum comfort and excellent durability.

Our Slate shower tray is available in black. As well as being extra resistant and light, the shower tray is composed of eco-friendly materials, with 60% recycled white marble and 30% eco-resin.

Furthermore, the Zen shower tray is also available in black and its composition includes 45% recycled flax fibre. Sustainable materials coated with a surface that increases their non-slip and waterproof properties.

This shower tray stands out due to the lightness of its materials, which are easy to clean and maintain and are highly resistant to heat and chemicals.

Two different aesthetic options to apply black to the shower tray.


Zen shower tray in black


Bath taps: on-trend design for wellbeing

Round taps and fittings by Noken are also available in floor-mounted models. This elegant design, in a black finish, breathes wellbeing in the bathroom and is totally on-trend.

Baths such as Pure Line are available with matt black fittings so you can get the total integration, so you can reinvent the bathroom experience far beyond personal care and hygiene.

The Round taps and the Pure Line bathtub in matt black are perfect options to combine with neutral colours or more daring shades to create unique, personal designs that adapt to your needs and to your character.


Pure Line bathtub with black accessories and Round bathtub taps in matt black


Black matt bathroom accessories: real trendy equipment

Urban C or Hotels are collections by Noken that come with matt black finish bathroom accessories for a completely on-trend bathroom. Highly practical and usable options for towel rails, soap dishes or hangers, among others, that complete a modern and sophisticated bathroom that will heighten your daily bathroom experience.

In fact, this selection of bathroom accessories can bring a unique, distinguishing touch that can only be achieved through the addition of those little details. And black is the ideal colour to add an exclusive and elegant touch to these accessories that add extra functionality to your bathroom.


Black is back. 



Urban C bathroom accessories in matt black


The kitchen also lends itself to the matt black finish

The ode to matt black is not limited to the bathroom: The kitchen is a space that has also begun to adopt these elements

Some of the collections, such as Architect, are dyed in matt black to stand out and embellish your day-to-day kitchen. A cutting-edge and high-quality design that can be adapted to any trend to add style and strength to your kitchen space.

 Arquitect kitchen faucets in black

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