Arquitect: Noken renews its bathroom collection and elevates it to high-range for the 24th PORCELANOSA Grupo Exhibition

Noken presenta en la XXIV Muestra PORCELANOSA Grupo de Arquitectura Global & Diseño Interior la renovación de una de sus colecciones emblema: Arquitect.

The 24th PORCELANOSA Grupo Global Architecture and Interior Design Exhibition has been at full capacity for a few days, with all the innovation and avant-garde of the showrooms from its eight firms, available to professionals and visitors.

Some of the news that Noken brings to this latest event edition is the renovation of one of its flagship collections, the Arquitect series, which incorporates new colours and finishes to its functional and typical sinuous design. Likewise, the new bathroom equipment added to the design catalogue from the Arquitect collection is featured because of being made of high range ceramic, Noken Ceramic®, increasing the resistance and durability of its pieces, ensuring the bathroom’s easy maintenance. Undoubtedly, an elegant commitment by Noken with the new Arquitect series, which offers quality, exclusivity and elegance to modern bathroom decoration.

New Arquitect basins: a wide chromatic range to suit any bathroom style

Noken expands the aesthetic possibilities from Arquitect by means of new tones for the collection basins. Soft lines and chromatic versatility in earthy colours for washbasins that suit bathrooms with a certain retro or vintage look.

Manufactured in Noken Ceramic®, the high-range ceramic, it is possible to increase the product exclusivity and quality with these basins, whose delicate resistance can be noted, among other things, on the thin edge of the pieces.

This wide range of natural colours are now added to white, traditionally used in ceramic basins, resulting in an elegant combination for the bathroom atmosphere. In this way, the aesthetic possibilities for bathroom design increase, while the most up-to-date trends in decoration are followed, and a wider number of bathroom styles are met.

In this new Arquitect basins range, both pedestal and countertop washbasins are included, the latter specially designed for the Arquitect bathroom furniture.

Regarding pedestal basins, these came about as a unique piece which allows for integrating the bathroom into any room in the house, providing it with a great visual strength. Noken Ceramic® appears in this element once again, providing this product with great quality. In respect of its particularities, it should be noted that the incorporation of a ceramic plug gives continuity to the surface and creates a fluid composition. Also, thanks to its floor mounted installation, it allows for hidden components, which, undoubtedly, make this basin completely blend in with the atmosphere.

Architect bathroom furniture: sophistication and minimalism in wall-hung items

The Architect collection continues to grow in bathroom furniture designs with this wall-hung bathroom furniture, available in two different sizes, 80 and 120 cm; and in two finishes, black and grey. The aim of this series is to provide the space with elegance and lightness, through this sumptuous colour range in addition to its high-level of functionality.

Regarding these pieces of furniture, it is worth highlighting how its supporting surface has been treated via nanotechnology, therefore providing innovative and revolutionary features. The result of this magnificent work by Noken in R&D has resulted in getting a soft pleasant texture to touch, as well as being easily repairable, since the surface scratches can be repaired by means of a heat application. It is certainly a new bathroom concept, discovered thanks to the extensive technical advantages feature in this piece, in addition to a unique design.

The complement to this bathroom furniture are the Architect countertop basins, which are perfectly compatible with the wall-hung units in all their versions from the collection. Because of both their numerous colour combinations and their finishes, the connection between both pieces makes the whole set become a single, unique and incomparable item that is in harmony with the rest of the bathroom.

In terms of aesthetics, and regarding these pieces of furniture, the copper mirror placed on the front of the piece behind some original slats, plays an important role.

Architect bathtub: how to dive into an ocean full of good taste and elegance

The latest designs in this Revival from the Architect collection is the bathtub in a soft finish, which enables a smooth touch and also that perfect aesthetical harmony between good taste and elegance. The high adaptability and ability to provide the bathroom with a distinctive touch, turn this bathtub into a cutting-edge piece in bathroom interior design. Emphasis should be placed upon their rounded edges, a feature that makes the bathtub become a very practical element for use, by providing the user with comfort and inviting them to savour the lightness of the space.


Check out this piece of news and others regarding bathroom interior design in the innovative showroom with Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms, until February 17th.

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