Antibacterial materials for the bathroom: how to make your bathroom safer

Our homes are becoming increasingly aseptic, with the use of anti-bacterial materials in bathrooms becoming ever more popular. Discover them!

Keeping our homes hygienic is one of the key challenges we face today. Synonymous with health and safety, good hygiene also helps materials last longer, preventing them from prematurely deteriorating. Good product design improves people's lives and is the perfect ally in this challenge, especially in a wet area such as the bathroom, where hygiene is particularly delicate and necessary. Our R & D department is working to ensure that our technological developments are practical, our bathroom equipment materials are ever safer and that the bathroom of the future is more aseptic and safe.

Project Tech: anti-bacterial and repairable bathroom worktops

Project Tech incorporates a new technology with advanced characteristics. Anti-bacterial, anti-fingerprint and easy to clean and maintain and Project Tech allows micro-scratches to be repaired with heat. Pleasant to touch, resistant to dry heat, knocks, chemicals and scratches, it greatly improves the appearance of the washbasin area. Cutting-edge technology and aesthetics in a product that emphasises quality and the intelligent use of modules. Available in grey and black, in 60, 80, 100 and 120cm tiles, suitable for the most demanding projects. encimeras-de-bano-project-tech-00

Arquitect bathroom furniture

Project Tech's technology is also used in Arquitect suspended bathroom furniture. Available in two sizes (80 and 120cm) and in two finishes (black and grey), it has a support area treated using nanotechnology that gives the unit revolutionary anti-bacterial and anti-fingerprint properties, while surface marks and scratches can be repaired by applying heat to the damaged area. Furnishings that are resistant to chemicals, easy to clean, resistant to temperature changes and water-repellent. 2017_08_04_NOKEN_0248

Mineral Stone series shower trays

Slate is a light, waterproof shower tray, highly resistant to heat and chemicals. It can be repaired and is easy to clean and maintain. Its anti-bacterial, non-slip coating helps to make it exceptionally safe. slate-noken-platos-ducha-resina-carga-mineral

Rimless NK-Clean

Rimless NK-Clean technology ensures effective cleaning of the toilet, since it eliminates the rim from the design and allows water to flow through 360º inside the bowl, reaching all parts of the unit and guaranteeing maximum hygiene. rimless-inodoros-noken

Take-Off detachable toilet lids

Take-Off is a detachable seat system with hinges that allow you to remove the seat effortlessly with your hand. When you have removed the seat, cleaning all parts of the toilet thoroughly is easy and simple. Maximum convenience and easy cleaning.

Non-porous ceramic coatings for the bathroom

The materials used to manufacture bathroom worktops and fittings are becoming increasingly practical and require hardly any maintenance. More advanced ceramic coatings for bathroom equipment, for example, make the surfaces more hygienic. The Tile collection combines the aesthetics of stone with the technical advantages of ceramics, in a 6 mm porcelain tile that covers the structure of the unit. Oxo worktops are coated in XTONE, the advanced sintered compact mineral made by the PORCELANOSA Group. oxo-encimera-griferia-noken

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