AI design, the ally of infinite inspiration

In the world of interior design, creativity and innovation are key elements to highlight. The search for inspiration and the ability to materialise unique ideas are fundamental aspects in creating memorable spaces.

In this context, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a valuable tool for bathroom design professionals.

Today, we're going to reflect on how to elevate your AI projects to a completely new level of interior design. We'll also take a look at our own experiment.

The AI revolution in bathroom design

Design with artificial intelligence: Beyond the Conventional

AI has transformed the way we conceive and execute space design projects.

Thanks to its capacity to analyse large amounts of data and learn patterns, artificial intelligence allows us to explore ideas and concepts that were previously somewhat more costly to conceive.

Are you looking for inspiration for your projects? Dream, imagine and play with every tool within your reach.⬇⬇⬇

Unlimited creativity

Think about it! Artificial Intelligence for interior design can be one of your best allies to promote your creations, to make your designs unique.

Imagine being able to access a virtual database of trends, materials and colour combinations that is constantly updated.

AI can analyse design preferences, customer comments and market trends in real time

AI design: A new perspective in the creative process

Personalised inspiration

This technology can also personalise results according to your preferences and objectives for each project.

By understanding your own style and your customers' tastes (if you provide this info as a link to a website where you explain your style and present real projects, for example), AI can suggest the most appropriate materials and decorative elements that are perfectly aligned with your vision.

Space optimisation

The efficient distribution of space is essential in the design of bathrooms. AI can analyse the available space and propose configurations that maximise functionality and aesthetics.

With its ability to predict how different elements interact in a three-dimensional space, you can be sure that every square centimetre is used to its full potential.

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Surprising combinations

The choice of materials and the combination of decorative elements are crucial in any bathroom design project. AI can analyse a wide range of options and offer surprising proposals that you might never have considered. This outside-the-box 'thinking' can become an almost inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Trends in real time

The world of design is constantly evolving, and keeping up to date with the latest is vital if you are not to be left behind.

AI can track and analyse emerging trends in real time, providing you with updated information on colours, textures and styles that are in vogue. This allows you to offer your customers designs that are not only functional and aesthetically attractive, but also cutting edge.

AI design vs. Real creations from the great Zaha Hadid

We at Noken asked artificial intelligence what a Zaha Hadid bathroom is, and the result is these futuristic images, with organic lines evoking our Vitae collection designed by Hadid.

* Images created with AI

To really, appreciate the similarity at first glance, we have selected one of the pieces from this exquisite series:

Tap from the Vitae Collection by Zaha Hadid

This avant-garde tap fitting is one of the latest jewels created by Zaha Hadid to round off the innovative Vitae collection. A piece that flows in liquid forms to achieve a sublime result.

Conclusion: Enhancing bathroom design with AI

In a market where innovation and originality are crucial, the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence in your creative process is a decision that can help you stand out against the competition.

This tool's ability to offer personalised inspiration, optimise space and suggest combinations makes it an absolute must, at least to try it out.

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