Acrylic bathtubs. This is how this material meets the needs of bathroom designs

Las bañeras acrílicas nacen de la necesidad de dar respuesta a las últimas tendencias en diseño de baños, pero también a la practicidad y funcionalidad.

The acrylic bathtubs are born from that need to respond to the latest trends in bathroom interior design, but also the practicality and functionality, all those characteristics that really condition the equipment’s daily use.

Further resistance, durability and easy maintenance. The acrylic sheets have these three characteristics, a 100% polymethylmethacrylate material, whose maintenance is both safe and durable. These sheets, high gloss Lucite® sanitary grade, also meet the assurance and quality EN-263 and NF certification, confirming it as a suitable bathroom equipment material. Meanwhile, the acrylic board with a 10mm high resistance base is presented completely encapsulated in reinforced fiberglass. This way, it gets the bathtubs to be more robust, and furthermore, more resistant to knocks.




Noken, the bathroom firm from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, has the use of acrylic material in the manufacturing in several of its freestanding bathtub designs, such as the freestanding Chelsea bathtub and the freestanding Lounge and Lounge Square bathtubs. The contemporary design combined with the excellent and durable material are capable of guaranteeing the perfect bath, just like on the first day.

The Chelsea bathtub: the acrylic bathtub that reinvents the classic design

The Chelsea Collection reinvents the classic design and does it through one freestanding bathtub with a unique Belle Epoque look, designed to create a new style between the current modern minimalism and previous designs.

This bathtub is made of one single piece, with a 5mm high performance sanitary acrylic sheet. It should be noted the particularities of its overflow, a slit-shaped overflow ensures a higher bathtub filling. On the other hand, it has an integrated side shelf, giving the bath further utility and functionality, without sacrificing its refined, sophisticated and elegant style.

The acrylic Chelsea bathtub, like the rest of the freestanding bathtubs, such as Lounge and Lounge Square and other models by Noken, offers numerous advantages unlike traditional bathtubs.

In addition to the maximum freedom regarding design and bathroom space, the freestanding bathtubs provide high versatility once installed in the bathroom space. Their installation is quick, easy and simple, and they are accesible from any side whatsoever. On the other hand, these bathtubs have been conceived on the basis of a jointless design, which means both beauty and fineness.



Why bank on acrylic sanitaryware for bathroom design?

Apart from a high resistance and durability, the acrylic sanitaryware has many features unlike the rest of materials.

  • It is flat, porous-free and has a warm surface. It is soft to touch, thus, ideal for bathtub manufacturing.
  • It has a pleasant and fine look, which is based on a sumptuous gloss white which uniformly integrates into the porcelain items.
  • It is highly resistant, even to UV rays, it ensures colour stability, and is resistant to any cleaning product, hence, its easy maintenance.
  • Easy installation thanks to its light weight.
  • Easy-to-repair properties.

Discover our acrylic bathtub designs and take advantage of the wide range of properties that this state-of-the-art material entails.

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