Absolutely Gold! The sumptuous colour gold which provides glamour and personality to the bathroom

En interiorismo el dorado es tendencia. El color oro acentúa el gusto clásico por la decoración. Un estilo por el que aboga Noken. ¡Descúbrelo!

The classic gold or golden colour has always been synonymous with luxury and sophistication, wealth and luxury. At Christmas, being attached to the glamour surrounding New Year's Eve, the distinction regarding champagne or the brightest and superb ornamentation are highlighted. A festive colour typical of any house linked to royalty.

In interior design, the colour gold is both a trend and a 'must have'. In addition to elegance in abundance, the colour gold accentuates this cherised classic and contemporary taste for decoration. A style that is undoubtedly reflected by the exclusivity and the high quality of the products and materials from PORCELANOSA Grupo, including the innovative and exquisite bathroom equipment from Noken.

By default, it seems that the colour gold is always destined for rooms such as the living room but in fact it can also be adapted for the bathroom, giving it that touch of glamour throughout the year, present at any time and we can also opt for this colour for cold and sober interiors, which provides a warmer touch and therefore making it the main attraction. Today, this trend can be seen in the most outstanding decoration styles: vintage, eclectic, retro, Nordic ... a golden touch will provide brightness and sophistication to any home.

Noken exemplifies a tribute to the classic contemporary marked by the gold colour in several of its bathroom design collections. The new Chelsea's collection is, for example, supporting the elegant femininity and the high glamour of the golden colour, through its basin taps with geometric inspiration, a fresh and nostalgic retro-look at bathrooms from the nineteenth century. This bathroom equipment also includes shower taps or a floor mounted bathtub in gold version.

With the exquisite and refined lines of the gold coloured taps from Noken, and its wide technical possibilities, we say farewell to 2015, a year full of style, glamour, vanguard and innovation. The professional members of staff who make up the bathroom equipment firm from the PORCELANOSA Group would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy New Year.

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