Charting the course: Bathroom trends for 2024 that will transform spaces

Want to discover the latest news for your home projects? Find out more about the new bathroom trends in the upcoming new year 2024.

The bathroom is becoming an emotional space of exquisite design that goes far beyond basic functional needs. The home is firmly placed at the centre of our universe. It goes without saying that the rooms that are part of it should be important too.

6 magnificent trends for bathrooms in 2024

Let's discover some bathroom trends that will make a splash over the next year.

Mindful homes, mindful bathrooms

Mindful homes, mindful bathrooms

More than a trend, it is a lifestyle and, therefore, the design path that has the user at its core. Mindful homesis a philosophy based on experiencing the spaces we inhabit more consciously. It helps us to be in the present through interior design, especially in such a hyper-connected world where digital shapes our daily lives.

Within this philosophy, thespiritual mindset is gaining more and more popularity. Interiors connect with a new way of understanding spirituality through meditative designs and pieces inspired by traditional symbols and ancestral beliefs.

In this sense, interest in totemic volumes and sculptural forms, and the fascination for rituals is growing.

Wellness in its purest form

Soleil Round bathtub with Care system + Noken Energy Round shower head + Rondo concealed bath/shower mixer + Minimal hand shower + Forma cabinet

Wellness in the bathroom is amust. This space, intended not only for personal hygiene routines but also for self-care, has taken on considerable importance in the home. And this means that in many refurbishments, the objective is to increase the square meters of the space.

After the pandemic, it seems that the most important trends are cleanliness and health. On the one hand, any design that facilitates maintenance and hygiene, such as suspended elements (toilets, vanities and sinks). And on the other hand, solutions that promote better health, such as the use of materials to prevent the proliferation of bacteria.

There is also a growing need to have a space for daily disconnection and relaxation. In this regard, it is a question of turning our bathroom into a home spa, allowing each user to enjoy the bathroom experience that is as pleasant as possible.

Inspiration in Nature

The trends for 2024 focus on bringing nature inside bathrooms. On creating retreats where life is breathed.

We are inspired by flora and fauna to design spaces that convey serenity and freshness. Earthy tones and organic materials will be the key players, connecting users to nature.

Turing the bathroom into verdant oasis is an ideal option to add a touch of green, stemming from the principles of biophilic design. Plants suitable for damp interiors such as the bathroom decorate and also represent a source of nature that enhances the feeling of well-being.

Lounge copper dispenser + Slender washbasin -Lounge forest/copper cabinet + Liem mirror -Lounge copper basin faucet + Lounge copper sprayer + Lounge copper hand shower + Lounge copper thermostatic mixer + Lounge copper wall hanger

Sustainability in action

Sustainability is a highly relevant social issue, which will become a major trend in 2024. Users are calling on the bathroom industry to take action to better address critical issues and to change business practices. This is why design for durability is becoming increasingly important.

Our WaterForest eco-conscious concept came about precisely from us thinking about these changes.

External thermostatic shower mixer with Pure Line Glass shelf + Joy S hand shower + Acro Compact toilet + Oval Smart Line double push button + Urban C paper holder + Acro Compact basin mixer + Slender washbasin in Deep Concrete finish + Tono mirror + Slate Mineral Stone shower tray

Our commitment to the environment comes to life in a variety of ways. From offering products related to a more sustainable bathroom, through the use of recycled materials to water saving systems, thus contributing to reduce our footprint.

Discover our WaterForest technologies and the savings of up to 89% of water and the use of 52% of recycled materials that they bring.

→ Another way to contribute to looking after the environment: Noken supplies 30% of energy with photovoltaic power.

Natural and artisanal materials

If there is a trend for bathrooms that will continue in 2024, it is the use of natural, crafted materials.

Stone will continue to be one of the most popular materials for adorning bathrooms. This is because it adds a fresh, elegant, natural touch and, most importantly, a sense of well-being.

The ode to marble is here to stay. You will find marble in the bathroom with pieces such as freestanding marble bathtubs, and even complete bathrooms made in this precious stone.

Magic also happens when we combine it other materials, as we can marry the warmth provided by wood with the elegance of marble.

Slender travertino marble washbasin + Lignage Luxe gold faucets

Artisanal items are also in vogue and set to stay.

The artistic spirit and charm of craftsmanship characterise our hand painted Slender washbasins. There are as many pieces as elements in nature, as many pieces as there are artists who turn the blank canvas into a unique work with an essence all of its own.

Bathrooms awash with colour

Lignage brushed copper bathtub faucet + Arquitect bathtub + Lignage brushed copper washbasin faucet + Essence C washbasin sunset blue + Tono brushed copper double push button + Urban C brushed copper paper holder + Urban C brushed copper paper holder

Among the trends in bathrooms, gold is certainly shining bright, a perfect touch for vintage styles that recapture the essence of the past merging with the most contemporary. Taps with a modern design and a classic cut are the ideal way to join this trend and add a touch of luxury without overdoing it.

Lignage Luxe gold washbasin taps + Slender washbasin in travertine marble finish + Liem freestanding bathtub + Lignage Luxe gold bathtub taps

Earth tones will make a comeback in the most relaxed bathroom spaces next season. Shades that will also be extended to materials such as wood.

Oxo bathtub + Oxo matt black washbasin mixer + Slender ivory stone washbasin + Square matt black bathtub mixer + Slate Mineral Stone shower tray + Oxo matt black shower column

Another bathroom trend related to colour is boldness. Radical and daring bathrooms are certainly all the rage. But this comes in parallel with more understated and neutral earthy bathrooms.

If you prefer something more adventurous for your projects, now is the time. You can try pastel colours from Finish Studio and other bolder colours.

→ If you want more information about this subject, this post is for you: Colourful bathrooms: design beyond white.

In addition to single-colour bathrooms or bathrooms with neutral tones and more vibrant touches, there are some combinations that stand out:

Beyond these bathroom trends, the universe of small bathrooms and the need to optimise space are among the most popular themes. These posts on how to enhance the sense of space and this one with storage ideas for compact bathrooms could come in handy to inspire your designs.

Marne unit + Marne washbasin + Smart Line vertical mirror + Square towel rail + Acro Compact toilet + Smart Line Oval double push button + Square Touch&Feel shower column + Slate shower tray

Minimalist and natural styles, such as wabi-sabi, are also on the rise.

So, what do you think about these trends? If you want to keep up with the latest in the industry, keep a close eye on our blog.

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