2023 bathroom trends to catch your eye

Interested in discovering the latest news for your home projects? Find out more about the new trends in the upcoming year 2023.

The bathroom is consolidated as an emotional space, far beyond its basic functions. The home is firmly placed at the centre of our universe. It goes without saying that the rooms that are part of it should be important too.

7 magnificent trends for bathrooms in 2023

Let's discover some of the key trends for bathrooms to inspire us as we move into 2023.

Classic taps to add a touch of distinction

The time has come to revisit the classics, to give a nostalgic and charming air to our space.

In bathrooms, we will see more and more taps in organic shapes with vintage finishes, such as brushed gold and brushed copper.

Our Lignage taps, which contrast the luxury of the marble-effect finish on the handles with the simplicity of their curves, transport us to the 1920s. A true art deco jewel.

griferia-lignage-tendencias-banos-acabados-cepilladosLignage taps in brushed gold with marble handles

The seventies style is taking a turn in the spotlight

According to renowned interior designers, stainless steel, mirrors and reflections are back on trend. Vibrant colours are also making a comeback.

All of this is inspired by the 1970s aesthetic.

This is true in the bathrooms in the new home by interior designer Miriam Alia, which combines this style with the freshness, luminosity and vitality that characterise her projects.

estilo-decoracion-anos-70Photo: Manolo Yllera

Natural and artisanal materials

If there is a trend for bathrooms that will continue in 2023, it is the use of natural, crafted materials.

Artisanal products are in vogue and are here to stay.

lavabos-slender-tendencias-banosSlender basins

The artistic spirit and charm of craftsmanship combine to characterise our hand painted Slender washbasins. There are as many pieces as elements in nature, as many pieces as there are artists who turn the blank canvas into a unique work with an essence all of its own.

Noble materials, such as wood, and stones such as marble will continue to be present (if they fit).

You will find marble in the bathroom with pieces such as freestanding marble bathtubs, and even complete bathrooms made in this precious stone.

Magic also happens when we combine it with wood, as we share the warmth of the wood with the elegance of the marble.

lavabo-slender-tendenciaSlender Deep Concrete washbasin and Round taps in brushed copper

Cabin chic, the new rustic

Feeling a need to connect with nature, modern rustic bathrooms take on the aesthetic of a country cabin. Wild and welcoming interiors.

For a while, we have seen the increasing power of green living and biophilic design, which are positioned as a trend for bathrooms in 2023.

banera-tono-tendencias-banoTono bathtub

A discreet bathroom in neutral tones

As homes become more flexible, natural materials, soft textiles,

minimalist shapes and discreet colours will be important to integrate

your space in a harmonious way.

In 2023, neutral earthy tones will play an important role in the design and decoration of our bathrooms.


Emotional minimalism 

Also known as Soulful Minimalism, this represents a (r)evolution of the minimalist bathroom as we know it.

This style is designed around the creation of emotions and warmth. It is an aesthetic inspired by the warm minimalism of the Japandi style, but going a step further to contribute a greater degree of emotionality.

We're starting to see increased experimentation to create spaces which are more

sensory (whether it's the texture or feel of the pieces, or the combination of light and dark materials, etc.)

Sensory baths, feel at home

Bathrooms are increasingly being seen as a tool for wellbeing and self-care. A place of emotional escape. Here are some of our alternatives on offer:

  • Multisensorial solutions such as experiential showers. Some good examples are Noken's Care system or shower wellness with hydrotherapy, chromotherapy and aromatherapy.
  • #BathScaping, which is all over social media, is one of our top trends for bathrooms in 2023 and involves enjoying a comforting moment in one of our bathtubs.
  • Outdoor bathrooms, where you can enjoy the experience under the sun's rays or a sky full of stars, involves bringing showers and bathtubs outside to live the dream

Are you ready to welcome these new 2023 bathroom trends? They're sure to catch your eye.


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