2015 bathroom trends: Urban Palaces

Category: Projects, Households
Date: 29 abr 2015

Designs, where luxury classical and cutting-edge technology are present are gaining an increase in audience compared to the decorative trends regarding minimalism and simplicity. This passion for combining ostentation and modernity leaves its trace in one of the projects Noken has recently taken part in, which is the building of a house in New Delhi.

With a 700 square-metre area and four floors, the project, which has been designed by the architect Neeraj Dhingra, working for M/S Dhingra Associates, consists of the construction of two houses, arranged with two floors and equipped with the modern Noken sanitary wares and bathroom taps.

According to the architect, “design is not something that can be imposed, on the contrary, it must show the user’s lifestyle”. It turns out to be quite logical, since we are dealing with a home. With the aim of achieving it, the architect has opted for a design where classicism and technology are combined together, inner spaces which have been tiled with natural materials and equipped with modern elements, and an avant-garde appearance covered structure.

The different atmospheres, both public and 0, reproduce the luxury which is present in a royal palace, by means of fine materials, decorative elements and pieces of furniture with golden finishes and shining metals, classically-styled decoration and natural polished stone surfaces.

As far as bathrooms are concerned, the striking contrasts can also be put into practice thanks to the combination of natural materials with the modern designs of Noken sanitarywares and bathroom equipment, thus, achieving a different and original result where quality is a must.

Hence, in one of the bathrooms, one can see how the square volumes of the Neox semi-recessed sanitaries have been combined with the Azor countertop with overflow basins, keeping the same straight-lined design. In order to moderate the sharp design of the rest of the elements, Lounge bathroom taps have been included, carefully designed by Simone Micheli for Noken, and with a natural beauty thanks to their evocative lines.

It is in another bathroom where the classical style of marble has been finished off with the amazing Giro-n bathroom tap in a gold finish with cylindrical handles, and dominating the dresser majestically thanks to its sleek shape.

The best technology and most exclusive design are combined in the Nora bathroom taps. The original open spout design allows a streaming water flow. The bathroom tap has a version where the basin mixer includes a LED with temperature sensor indicating from cold water in blue to hot water in red. The basin mixer is also available in a standard version without LED. In order to give the Nora bathroom tap the greater role it deserves, it has been combined with the subtle and always elegant Hotels wall mounted sanitaryware.

On the other hand, the Imagine-n bathroom taps personifying and symbolising luxury and exclusivity thanks to their gold finishes, have been combined with the series of squares of the NK Logic wall mounted sanitaryware.