Discover the new developments in the 29th Porcelanosa International Exhibition

Our showroom has a new look, centred on our 'Seventh Heaven' theme. A tour of our latest new additions, inspired by the three states of water

The spotlight is firmly on the concept of wellbeing; specifically the benefits of water and the power of wellness. Water - in all its forms - guides us towards a higher state. The state of total ecstasy... Seventh Heaven.

In the exhibition's central zone, we've created six new areas with designs inspired by water in different states, liquid, solid and gas. Our best-performing new innovations will be on show; customisable pieces with Finish Studio finishes and fresh, updated collections. 

We invite you to join us and follow the path of water as it flows between these three states. When you get to the fourth, inspiring our Seventh Heaven, one of our ultimate wellness systems awaits, inviting you on a unique immersive journey.

Join us:

First stops on our journey

SWAN, timeless beauty

Elegance, beauty and lightness are just three of the virtues of this art work which was created by the ERRE Arquitectura studio.

Premium taps with ergonomic and simple shapes which seek functionality, environmental efficiency, and timelessness, thus adapting to new trends.

Some of the main pillars are technology, material sincerity, and sustainability. The latter materialises in the WaterForest design, which helps to reduce water consumption thanks to the cold-start and Noken Eco-Flow systems.

SWAN taps

Our inspiring Finish Studio workshop

Finish Studio is the essence of personalisation of our collections, constantly growing, and bringing more colour and personality to today's bathrooms.

When visiting this workshop with its unique and detailed pieces, we'll find taps, shower trays, toilets, bathtubs and the Slender washbasins. The latter are handcrafted and painted entirely by hand.


Slender washbasin with Round taps with matching handle in a flamingo pink finish

The Slender washbasins now available in square format, dyed with the most natural finishes we've ever produced, such as Marquina stone or concrete steel.

These bathroom jewels take on new guises in pastel colours such as arctic blue or flamingo pink in their round format.

For that final touch, we present Round taps with new handles in Essence C natural and pastel finishes. It's a great new ally for these washbasins, and combining the two will achieve a sublime result.

This new component joins these taps to further enhance its refined and practical design.

In this way, the handles in stone finishes add a finishing touch to our warm and perfect bathroom. In addition, the pastel colours are fit for the most daring bathrooms. Further options are the metallic finishes in gold and copper, which have been designed for more distinguished and elegant spaces.

This way to Seventh Heaven...

We continue on our path until we reach the central zone, as it was previously known, which is divided into 6 new environments where we can enjoy the new collections.

The fully renewed OXO collection


OXO Collection

Let's break the ice in the frostiest zone, with solutions boasting angular forms.

This is why we've chosen to start our journey with the frosty OXO, an imposing collection which exudes character.

Get lost in the new geometric elements in the collection, providing a touch of modernity with their new modules in straight and rectangular lines.

OXO bathtub

A place where you can "evaporate"

After that, it's time to warm up. Feel the warmth and let the evaporation process begin. You'll soon find yourself in a state of total wellbeing, touching on that higher state... getting ever closer to Seventh Heaven.

We now find ourselves at the Marroc hotel, where sheer fabrics surround the Alma bathtub and transform it into a place where you can truly "evaporate".

This bathtub, with a minimalist design and perfectly studied ergonomics, features a specific backrest that better rests the lumbar area, providing further comfort and an incredibly relaxing bath.

Forma, where every detail counts

Through the steam, we'll learn about the new features of Forma. A bold collection that inspires us and calms us in equal measure.

The Forma bathroom unit, with its added storage space, wall mirror, and Slender countertop basin bring the calm ambience we need in a space dedicated to wellbeing and self-care.


Forma unit with Slender countertop washbasin

Comfort and simplicity are important properties for us when it comes to making sure that each and every customer feels comfortable in their bathroom. With this in mind, here's a new detail attached to the Forma mirror: a support for a cosmetic mirror, making it more functional and practical.

Collections that coexist in a space where you can "float"

Water flows through our collections, such as Liem & Lignage or Tono & Vitae. Designs united by the fluidity of their forms, coexisting in a space where they simply "float". 

In the case of Lignage, the Carrara marble handle takes us back to the twenties, contrasting the luxuriousness of marble with the simplicity of the shape of the taps. A true art deco jewel.

Our brushed gold elevates industrial style with subtlety and elegance, and we have incorporated this new finish which was designed by Ramón Esteve.

The Lounge collection has been updated 

Lounge brings us back to winter. Open the door to a refuge where the materials and finishes in the collection bring us the warmth we sorely need at this time of year.

Two new designs with different functions and sizes to meet the Wellness needs of our home. These showerheads provide a personalised shower experience, with their different flow functions, such as rain, waterfall and jet; as well as chromotherapy and aromatherapy functions.  

The rain function, using the new Noken Energy hydrotherapy system, creates an atmosphere of relaxation through its microdroplets.


Lounge ceiling showerheads

We can't forget the Espiga Lounge double unit, now in matt black:


Espiga Lounge furniture

Lounge taps, with their straight lines, add a touch of sophistication, character and elegance to the room, and now come in a new matt black finish.


Lounge taps in matt black

Experience Seventh Heaven

After relaxing and taking a tour through the new environments, let's enjoy this immersive experience: "Experience Seventh Heaven", where self-care and relaxation reign supreme thanks to the new Noken Care system

Sun, smoking, pollution, diet, lack of sleep, stress... The long and inevitable list of external factors that damage the skin: whether you're aware of it or not.

In Seventh Heaven you'll find a solution that can slow down the effects of these damaging factors. A solution to repair and protect the skin with a complete wellness treatment. A solution loaded with benefits for both physical and mental health.

As part of our ongoing commitment to prioritise body wellness and skin care, we have broadened the possibilities within the Care system, offering benefits such as the acceleration of cellular metabolism, skin hydration, and improved sleep and cognitive functions. 

The Noken Care system repairs and protects skin via a wellness treatment, based upon oxygen microbubbles, that offers an unprecedented bathroom experience.

Thanks to the enrichment of water with oxygen, 100% pure water is obtained with no additives, achieving optimal oxygenation, regeneration and hydration of the skin.

Seventh Heaven is a state that awakens unique emotions. And to reach that state of absolute wellbeing, you need to experience it for yourself.

Improved wellness for a better quality of life

Noken Energy shower head

Another wellness option we'd like to highlight is the new Noken Energy shower head, which envelops you in a soft and pleasant shower that refreshes and revitalises. Each nozzle has five fine holes (instead of one) that divide the spray into micro-droplets. This results in a much more relaxing and quieter showering sensation than ever before enjoyed in the home.

In either form, the Round and Square showerheads with the Noken Energy system create a relaxing atmosphere where the softness of water caresses every inch of your body, so you can enjoy a spa experience in your very own home. Absolute wellness in the shower.

Its new handle, as well as providing us with all the advantages of the Noken Energy system with its rain function, completes the pleasant bathroom experience with massage and jet options.


Noken Energy shower head

Seasons showerheads

Seasons showerheads are now included with Finish Studio with the new finishes.We have also added the round format to the collection.

Inspired by the different natural phenomena, these showerheads take us on the journey of a lifetime with their multiple benefits: rainfall, waterfall, jets and misters.

With the aid of hydrotherapy, chromotherapy and aromatherapy, our mental, physical and energy centres can return to their perfect balance, bestowing a sense of unequalled serenity.

WaterForest: our eco-conscious philosophy

The WaterForest zone invites us to reflect on how we can all be more sustainable. 

It's more than a display of our high-tech solutions, like eco-friendly water and energy-saving systems that help protect and improve the environment. We're taking another big step forward. 

This year we're asking visitors to write their wish to improve the planet. And for every wish we receive we'll plant a tree, helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

If you take part, you'll receive a certificate for your tree after the event. And your tree, along with all the others, will grow our WaterForest.

"Make your wish, and we'll turn it into a tree".

There's so much more to discover in our new catalogue

Download the catalogue and discover the secrets of all the bathroom solutions you've read about, and many others, including:

  • Our Arquitect collection, with soft, versatile and highly functional lines which is in a constant process of reinvention. A sneak peek: the 140 cm white unit and newly Rimless toilet are a joy to behold.
  • The NK Concept unit, designed for maximum comfort and functionality, will surprise you with its new accessories such as taps and more.
  • New Terra towel rails with Carrara marble and Marquina Stone finishes and handcrafted details, so they're truly unique.
  • Our Contract Lines, a new series of installation systems which we are presenting for the first time at the exhibition, is an idea frame for contract projects.


New catalog

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