Bathrooms for restaurants

Bathrooms for restaurants

The bathroom is an important space in the interior design of restaurants. It must be consistent with the general decoration of the premises, and also be welcoming and practical, so that that the client feels comfortable. The durability of materials is another premise to take into account in bathrooms for restaurants and franchises, as bathroom fittings are subject to continuous use. It must also have easy maintenance and easy cleaning.

  • Durabilidad@2x
  • Mantenimiento@2x
    Easy maintenance
  • antibacterias@2x

The Lakasa restaurant, cozy bathrooms to delight the senses

We visit the Lakasa restaurant in Madrid, a place where the culinary dreams from the award-winning chef, Cesar Martin, come true. A space designed and refurbished by the architectural studio, Touza Arquitectos. This restaurant includes many materials from the PORCELANOSA Grupo in different rooms, which reflect the power of detail, and the highest quality, too.

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