Bathrooms for hotels

Bathrooms for hotels

Since it was founded in 2001, Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms has been an international point of reference in the design of bathrooms for hotels. With the PORCELANOSA Group quality seal, the firm has furbished countless hotels around the world, combining durability, exclusivity and sustainability to fully satisfy clients’ needs. We are pioneers in innovation and technology applied to bathroom products, creating bathrooms in 5 star hotels in which convenience and comfort are prioritised above all else. Our objective is to design durable hotel bathrooms, which at the same time contribute to energy efficiency.

  • Durabilidad@2x
  • Mantenimiento@2x
    Easy maintenance
  • Disenyo_para_la_experiencia@2x
    Easy maintenance

  • Options for small bathrooms
  • Variabilidad_Acabados@2x
    Varied formats and finishes
  • Servici_post-venta@2x
    After-sales service

Hilton Hotels:

Luxury, together with sophistication in bathrooms

Elegance, purity and the high quality of the products for bathrooms by Noken has taken the prestigious Hilton Hotels chain to trust PORCELANOSA Grupo firm for the bathroom equipment of many of its hotels spread all over the world.

Marriott International Hotels bathrooms

Enjoying luxury and sophistication in any hotel stay, and what is more, taking pleasure in the comfort that an exclusive personal service offers, turns out to be one of the core ideas that the Marriott International American hotel chain pursues for its guests along with over 5000 premises worldwide.

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