Wall hung

essence c


"Rimless" Wall hung pan. Includes the fixings kit 100258251.

essence c


"Rimless" Wall hung pan. Includes the fixings kit 100258251.

essence c


"Rimless" Wall hung pan. Includes the fixings kit 100258251.

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"Rimless" Wall hung pan. Includes the fixings kit 100335237



Wall hung pan. Includes 100258251 fixing kit



"Rimless" Wall hung pan. Includes the fixings kit 100258251.



"Rimless" Wall hung pan. Includes the fixings kit 100335143.



Wall hung pan with built-in bidet function and fixing kit 100253901

acro compact


"Rimless" Wall hung pan 49cm. Includes the fixings kit 100266416

acro compact


"Rimless" Wall hung pan 54cm. Includes the fixings kit 100266416
Wall hung pan set with electronic seat and cover. Functions: soft-close, heated seat with adjustable temperature,...

nk concept


"Rimless" Wall hung pan 48cm. Includes the fixings kit 100318445

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Wall hung pan

urban c


Wall hung pan with built-in bidet function

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70cm Wall hung pan.

One of the modern-day trends in the bathroom sector is none other than the wall hung toilet. Its design, just a few centimetres from the floor, which seems to levitate, is perfect for minimalist style bathrooms that only want to show what is essential, or for small bathrooms, which allow centimetres of depth to be gained by having a built-in cistern.

In addition to the lightness of the design, another of the wall hung toilets advantages is that they allow the height to be adapted for greater user comfort. They also guarantee easy maintenance and cleaning, not only for the visible piece in a smaller size, but also because the hard-to-reach corners are eliminated.

The Noken SmartLine built-in cistern is easily fitted regardless of the material in which it is installed. In addition, in the case of needing some maintenance operations for the cistern mechanisms, the access to them is straightforward, since after removing the plate from the push button, the supply and flush valve can easily be changed. All without tools.

The resistance and the durability of the products is another of the Noken principles. Therefore, the built-in fastening systems are subjected to rigorous load tests of up to 400kg. The holding frame ensures that the wall hung toilet supports the weight of any person and that the toilet is secured in a completely safe way.

Multiple designs. A wall hung toilet for each type of bathroom

Noken offers different styles and formats in wall-hung toilets, which adapt to the needs of each person and bathroom. From simpler and more sober designs, to organic designs like those from the Zaha Hadid Vitae collection. Different finishes are also available for wall hung toilets in white gloss and white matt; or the compact wall-hung toilet designs, perfect for small bathrooms. It is also possible to select accessories for them, such as the Soft Close seats or the Rimless Nk Clean technology which, allows for a more efficient cleaning of the toilet.