Having a well-organized bathroom means making good use of space. Bathroom furniture is a key part of this, providing a place where personal toilet items can be stored out of sight but easily accessible. The result is a bathroom that both looks good and helps you feel calm and relaxed.

From the functional viewpoint, bathroom closets with mirrors are an intelligent solution that optimizes the use of space by fulfilling a double role as mirrors with a hidden storage system. They provide extra storage and give the bathroom a clean, spacious look by reducing the number of items it contains.

Noken's models, in one- or two-door versions in a range of sizes, offer options for maximum user convenience, such as the built-in demisting system, sensor-operated light fixtures, a plug for electrical appliances up to 500 W, adjustable interior glass shelves, soft-line polished aluminium profiles, and soft-close hinges.

Bathroom closets with mirrors are a useful space-saving option in any bathroom and they are the perfect solution in small bathrooms where every centimetre counts. Here, we particularly recommend our built-in Smart Cabinets, as the storage space is built into the wall, with only the door, which is used as a mirror, protruding.

A multifunctional element such as the Smart Cabinet helps to keep the bathroom tidy, keeping utensils out of sight and avoiding clutter. Smart Cabinets also include a space for the objects we use most, so that they can be seen immediately and are within easy reach.

Wooden bathroom closets with mirror: Nature Smart Cabinet

The Smart Cabinet in the Nature collection illustrates how usability in product design improves the user experience. These units allow you to interact with them and take full advantage of all the space in your bathroom, without sacrificing appearance.

The Nature mirror has a side opening that hides a natural oak closet. It is a strategic storage unit that makes a bathroom more functional, respecting the clean and positive lines of the contemporary Scandinavian-style collection and creating an atmosphere of calm and serenity.

Suggestions for keeping the bathroom tidy

Order is fundamental, especially in spaces such as the bathroom, which are used by several people at various times in the day and where a large number of small objects accumulate. In recent years, the bathroom has evolved from a private, functional space to a temple of well-being. Organization is therefore crucial to making it a harmonious space where we can disconnect and reconnect being.

Here are some tips that will help to keep the bathroom tidy:

Organize utensils according to their purpose and size.

Order items according to how often they are used, making sure that those needed most often are easily accessible. This will facilitate day-to-day use of the bathroom and save time during our personal hygiene routines.

Choose furniture that helps to keep things tidy and make better use of space.