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Wall-mounted kitchen taps

In a space devoted to culinary experimentation, like the kitchen, both functional and practical considerations must be a priority. The taps we choose must be easy to turn on and off, facilitate food washing and guarantee mobility and hygiene in the use of kitchen equipment. 

Wall-mounted kitchen taps are a good choice if you want greater freedom of movement, and one of the most practical options is a rotary spout mixer tap. They are ideal when the tap needs to be fitted higher or lower than a conventional surface-mounted model or when we want to increase the workspace available, as they can be positioned where it suits us and can leave more distance between the tap and the sink. 

Wall-mounted kitchen taps recall the traditional kitchen and their presence creates a vintage touch. 

It is important to choose quality equipment made with durable materials suitable for an area in constant use, like the kitchen. The way in which the tap is mounted will also depend on its measurements and the type of lever we choose.

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