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Wall-hung bathroom furnishings

Selecting furnishings for the bathroom is not only a key decision in terms of aesthetics, but also with regard to the usability of the space, as the cabinetry you select must provide sufficient storage and accessibility for your everyday toiletries.

Wall-hung furnishings are a solution that lend an unmistakably contemporary look to any bathroom. However, besides the inherent modern style, there are many designs for wall-hung bathroom furnishings to adapt to the aesthetic we want to achieve in the space. With wooden, ceramic or lacquered, smooth or grooved cabinet fronts, with one or more drawers, or with integrated handles in different finishes... we offer a wide range of options.

The variety of options in the Noken catalogue -from 60 to 140 cm, for one or two basins- means that wall-hung vanity units can adapt to spacious and small bathrooms alike. 

Advantages of wall-hung bathroom furnishings

One of the main advantages is the visual and aesthetic crispness that they lend to a bathroom design by a leaving clear space underneath. For this reason, a wall-hung vanity unit visually amplifies the space and this is ideal when designing a small bathroom. They can be installed at different heights, always within a recommended range, for ergonomic use.

They also improve a bathroom's hygiene levels as dirt does not accumulate underneath them and they facilitate access when cleaning. 

Although our design does not make use of the space all the way to the floor, at Noken we design wall-hung vanity units with drawers with large storage capacity that allow for easy access, as they make it possible to have everything in view and easy to reach. 

To ensure the security of the installation of the wall-hung unit, it is essential to know the material of the wall on which we are going to mount the module and to follow the instructions indicated by the manufacturer. We always recommend using trusted professionals.

Which washbasin to choose when installing a wall-hung unit?

We can opt for a wall-hung basin that covers the entire surface of the vanity unit, such as the Essence-C range, which combines a bathroom cabinet with a basin in various sizes and formats, or a countertop basin that leaves the upper surface of the unit in view. In this case, we recommend ensuring durability in the selection of the unit, because, in addition to being used for storage, its surface will be where we place our toiletries and part of it will be in contact with water when we wash our hands and brush our teeth, etc. 

At Noken we offer materials that guarantee durability, such as wall-hung units with ceramic surfaces, such as the Tile, Oxo or Liem series; wall-hung units with nanotechnology and surfaces that can be repaired using heat, such as the Arquitect series, the blue Lounge module or the Project Tech countertops; modules with natural plywood worktops specially treated for the bathroom, such as Pure Line or Project Wood; and wall-hung vanity units with glass countertops, such as the Lounge series. 

Combination with auxiliary wall-hung units

In addition to wall-hung units, we have modular options that allow us to incorporate auxiliary wall-hung furniture. Alternatives include the wall-hung Smart Cabinets with internal shelves, as well as the Nk Concept wall-hung drawers for installation under a bathroom counter or shelf in our Project Tech, Project Wood or Oxo collections. Auxiliary wall-hung furniture that add extra storage and practicality to the bathroom

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