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Shower column

Comfort, functionality, sustainability and innovation are the four requirements that underpin our shower columns. They are the result of constant research into columns for the bathroom that make showering a daily pleasure, enjoyed both inside the home and in an outdoor bathroom.

The designs have been created to be practical, and easy to use and maintain, lending them excellent versatility.

These shower columns are made from the best materials on the market, and are available in both thermostatic and mixer versions, as well as shower columns with hydromassage.

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Wide range of shower column options

The shower columns feature a minimalist design, like the one in the Tono collection designed by Foster + Partners, which is a column characterised by its functional nature with a designer touch. Many of our other shower column designs offer delicate simplicity and a chrome finish. 

Our catalogue also includes bathroom columns with more rectilinear, avant-garde designs for modern bathrooms, where wellness is the cornerstone.

Such is the case of the Touch&Feel column, which invites you to enjoy unique sensations while showering: a massage effect, rain and now also a cascade effect with the sprayer. Beyond wellness, one of the advantages of these columns, available in chrome and matte black, is the Noken Safe Stop system, which limits the water temperature to 38ºC to prevent burns. This guarantees user safety if the flow of cold water is interrupted at any point. These models also include Noken Thermo Trust, the technology that embeds technical components to keep everything cool and avoid potential burns. This way, you can enjoy small moments of well-being and tranquillity every day of the year.

Thermostatic shower columns: greater safety and accuracy

The thermostatic shower columns offer all the benefits of these taps for the shower, including the stability and accuracy of the temperature, which makes the water reach the selected temperature very quickly, saving water and energy, as well as maintaining a complete shower experience from the beginning to the end.

As we mentioned when discussing Touch & Feel, safety is another of the advantages that these thermostatic shower column taps have, which includes the Noken Safe Stop feature. This technology blocks the temperature of the water at 38ºC to guarantee safety, especially for children. This system also cuts the hot water supply off in case of a cold water supply interruption and like so, the risk of burns is prevented.

The hand shower is another element offered by the shower columns, providing an optional water outlet for the showerhead. In the case of the Tono shower column, this includes a magnetic support.

Frequently asked questions about shower columns

What's the best way to select a shower column?

To choose the shower column that's right for your needs, you have to consider several aspects, such as if you want to install it in a bathtub or shower, if it will be indoors or outdoors, the type of tap you are interested in (mixer or thermostatic), as well as the sprayer effects and shower programs you like most.

How much pressure is needed for a shower column?

The ideal pressure when installing a shower column at home should be between 2 and 5 bars, for both cold and hot water.

What are the best materials for a shower column?

There isn't really one manufacturing material that is better than another, it's a matter of taste and practicality. Shower columns can be made of materials such as stainless steel, chromed brass, aluminium, resins, fibreglass, etc.

How do I clean a shower column?

To clean a shower column, all that's needed is just soap and a soft cloth. It's important that if a product is used to remove lime from the column or heads, such as anti-scalant products, vinegar, etc., they should be applied directly to the cloth and not to the finish. After cleaning, the column should also be dried for a perfect finish.

What are the differences between outdoor and indoor shower columns?

There are really no major differences between an indoor and outdoor shower, except for the materials, which are usually metal, such as stainless steel or aluminium, for outdoor columns, as these materials are resistant and durable and will not show the effects of weather over the years.

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