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Shower Taps

The shower experience has evolved towards a moment in which comfort and well-being take on special importance, unlike the bathtub regarding the position and the effect that the shower equipment produces on the body. Hence, the shower taps from Noken offer their own options for chromotherapy and aromatherapy, therefore the shower becomes an alternative to the bathtub in terms of relaxation, and the bathroom turns into a private spa.  

When it comes to choosing the taps for the perfect shower, we have to wonder if we would like to opt for a single lever shower mixer or a thermostatic shower tap. The thermostatic taps offer greater accuracy in the selection of the temperature, as well as ensuring more safety, thanks to the Safe Stop temperature system, which makes the temperature stop at its 38 degree limit. As well as that, the thermostatic taps allow for the desired temperature to be reached a lot faster, and the latter remains constant, resulting in a water and energy saving.  

Different water outlets for Noken shower taps

Noken offers different water outlets for its shower taps, namely: cascade, rain, jet and nebulizer; whose installation is carried out with the Smartbox concealed body system. We are dealing with an adaptable solution which is highly regarded by architects and interior designers, not only because of its easy installation and maintenance, but also because of being a noiseless system. The big array of shower taps from Noken, also allows for side jets to be included, so that the hydro massage therapy reaches the whole body, resulting in a unique wellness feeling.

Infinite shower tap designs

As for the shower tap designs, Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms offers square and rounded ones, whose finishes also change depending on the current trends. There is also a wide range of formats, including the following versions: thermostatic shower taps with ledge, three-piece batteries and mechanic and digital models. High technology applied to the shower taps which makes comfort even better, along with offering a much more customised shower.  

The WaterForest concept is also applied to the shower taps from Noken. Apart from the benefits of the thermostatic taps, which allow for water and energy to be saved, the company makes use of the Air ECO technology for shower heads and hand showers alike. AIR ECO means that the water, when mixed with air, is more efficiently used, resulting in a lower water consumption by up to 10%.

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