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Basin taps

The basin area is one of the most important in a bathroom. Not only is it the main source of water but it also involves the central personal care space. Because of its visibility and importance in the bathroom, its aesthetic is crucial for the whole set of the bathroom design to have its very own defined style. Together with the basin, the decision of opting for the type of basin taps is therefore one of the most important when it comes to the decor in the bathroom. 

The design and formats of Noken basin taps

With regard to design, Noken offers all types of aesthetics for basin taps, ranging from simple and minimal styles to others which are more avant-garde and modern. The special finishes are an additional benefit that comes with the basin taps from Noken. We are dealing with designs which range from: gold, copper and titanium; with the guaranteed PVD durability, in other words, the Physical Vapour Deposition technique; to others such as black and white matt.

The versatility regarding formats is one of the other commitments by the Porcelanosa company. They offer different designs depending on the type of installation, namely those basin taps installed in the basin itself, the ones installed on the basin furniture or those floor mounted basin taps, without leaving the wall mounted taps aside, which are installed with the Smartbox hidden-body system. There are also lever basin mixers, three-piece battery and the wall mounted three-piece battery for those who want a different and original design; as well as the basin taps with a high spout.  

Quality and Technology as key principles of our basin taps

Quality is one of the other key principles for Noken with its basin taps. The cartridges, which have undergone periodic tests ensure durability, and the chrome controls guarantee a shine which always looks as good as new.

Noken implements technology into its basin taps through different objectives: make design and product durability better; enhance user comfort and introduce new functions which make people’s daily lives easier. The fact of heading towards bathrooms which are increasingly smarter or Smart Bathrooms, leads us to bringing digital equipment together, namely our digital basin taps or those with LED technology.  

The technology applied to basin taps also provides a resource saving. The cold-opening system basin taps for a water and energy saving or the ECO taps with a flow limiter of up to a maximum of 2L per min. (-83% of less water than those standard basin taps [12L per min].

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